Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Austin, Texas Reader Reports on Donald Trump’s Rally Last Night

[Re: “‘New Trump’ is Reminiscent of New Coke: New Co-Campaign Chief, Pollster Kellyanne Conway: Donald Trump was Just Kidding, When He Talked About Deporting All Illegal Aliens!”]

By jeigheff

I got to hear Donald Trump talk last night, August 24, along with several warm-up speakers.

Much of what Trump said were things mentioned in this article. He spoke at length about creating new jobs, and better jobs with better wages. He also said many things that were addressed to black Americans, such as getting them better education, jobs, and safer neighborhoods. Trump addressed the issues of crime and law enforcement.

Trump spoke about banning immigration from the Middle East, but didn't mention Islam, as far as I remember. [N.S.: That’s also the way I remember it.] He talked about creating “safe spaces” (!) there for refugees, rather than have them come here.

He did mention building a wall between the US and Mexico. He invited several members of a group called The Remembrance Project on stage, all of whom were mothers of children who were murdered by illegal immigrants; they all spoke. Some agents of the Border Patrol also joined him on stage; one spoke about how poorly our southern border was defended.

I am sorry to say that I left a little early, and did not hear the end of Trump's speech. My car was parked a mile away from the Expo Center in the grass along Decker Lane, along with the vehicles of hundreds of other people. (The event was well-attended and the Expo Center seemed full.) I was starting to get worried about finding my car in the dark along a busy road, so off I went.

I didn't hear Trump mention anything about deporting illegals who were already here. (In fairness, I could have missed him saying that.) If he had, he would have gotten the biggest cheers of the evening.

I kind of like Trump, but most of what he said concerned what he was going deliver, versus saying anything about what might be required of America and Americans themselves. For instance, you just can't give someone a good education: they have to earn it. It was something that I just couldn't help but notice. I still think Trump is a better candidate than Hillary.

Since good ol' Austin, Texas is so damn proud of being weird and liberal, I was curious about how many of the crowd came from Austin itself. I'll probably never know. The crowd was mostly white, with a few blacks and fewer Hispanics. Much of the crowd seemed pretty young, which gives me hope.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 8:39:00 A.M. EDT

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jeigheff said...

Thanks for posting my commentary, Nicholas. I forgot to say that Trump's Austin rally was lots of fun. I like chanting "USA! USA! USA!" with other like-minded Americans, for one thing. But I also tried to be realistic about what I heard from Trump and the others.

A video of the Trump's visit to Austin, Texas on August 23 (not August 24 as I mistakenly noted) can be found at and elsewhere on the Internet. The speeches of the warm-up speakers (some of which I missed) and Trump's full speech are included. Watch it if you want and judge for yourselves.

From what I saw, the protestors at Trump's Austin event didn't amount to much, either in numbers or in toughness. There was also a very strong police presence. I admit that I can be pretty critical of Austin and its liberal tendencies. But APD was really on top of things on August 23. I saw no repeat of the confrontations and violence instigated by leftist thugs that have happened at other Trump rallies elsewhere. The high school girls and old lefties who hate Trump couldn't have kicked much ass.

This is going to sound really weird, but I'll say it anyway. There is a Section 8 apartment complex located almost directly across the road from the Travis County Expo Center; it's called Eagle's Landing. I happen to know this because I knew some folks who lived there for a short time and who needed a lift to our church. The place is almost completely filled with blacks. So it was interesting to hear Trump talk about black America at length, knowing that many black people lived nearby, but who weren't present to hear about Donald Trump's concerns and promises concerning them.