Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In North Charleston, Two Black Men Allegedly Murder a Raceless, Faceless Man, While He Helps Pull an SUV Out of a Ditch

Via Prince George's County Ex-Pat

"North Charleston police: Man killed while helping pull SUV from ditch

"North Charleston police have arrested two men after a fatal shooting that happened late Monday night.According to NCPD officials, 17-year-old Deon Antonio Frasier and 19-year-old Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler are both charged with murder.Frasier is a..."



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Victim is black. The first tip-off was that he asked for $20 to help pull the SUV out of the ditch.

Anonymous said...

Dindunuttin'...very funny stuff.
Tonight,I wanted to review the constantly racist NBC Negro Nightly News,which even on an uneventful day,slants its stories to show blacks in a good light,and whites as devious.
Story 1)Ryan Lochte,Olympic swimmer,questioned by Lesta Holt as a liar,in his story of being robbed by faux police in Rio.Can't trust whitey to tell the truth,can we Lesta?
Story 2)Trump,in a tailspin,tries to revive his campaign by "hiring a conservative,who likes to write conspiracy stories about Hillary Clinton".Katy Tur chipped in as usual with her 110% anti-Trump soliloquy.
Okay..two anti-white stories..time for the wonderful black propaganda.
Story 3)Female boxer Clarresia Shields,a gold medal boxer,was given the bio treatment,as if she was Princess Di.Her father was in prison,her mother,an alcoholic.She wins a gold 4 years ago,and goes back home to the ghetto,where we see that her story hasn't changed the ghetto one iota.All of her black friends and relatives who were interviewed,sound less educated than a grunting gorilla.Lesta thought it was moving.
Story 4)Black gymnast,Simone Biles,has had a crush on a white actor--Zac Efron for a while.So the "Today" show arranged for Efron to come over and kiss his admirer on camera--more contrived garbage,aimed at appeasing the blacks.Would Lesta show anything like that if she was white and wanted to meet Efron?
If you checked are correct.
Another successful "newscast" on the Negro Broadcast Company.
--GR Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Derbyshire warned about this exact thing. Being a Good Samaritan to the negro can get you killed. And DOES!!