Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Usual Suspect is Under Arrest in the Murder, in Mississippi, of Two White Catholic Nuns/Nurse Practitioners, Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill: Rodney Earl Sanders; Cops’ Cover Story of a Robbery Gone Wrong is Collapsing


War crime victims Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill

By Jerry PDX

An arrest has been made in the murder of two Mississippi nuns. The man's name is Rodney Earl Sanders, and yes, he is a negro. Knock me over with a feather.

You think Lester Holt is going to feature this guy on his nightly news segment? Nah, he'll be too busy editorializing about Ryan Lochte or some other whitey.

Of note: It was mentioned that he took nothing from the home, just their car to get away, which makes me wonder about the whole robbery-gone-wrong theory the cops were (a little too) aggressively putting out there. Something they often do when they suspect it's a black perp in order to camouflage any possible race bias. I guess it's possible, if it was a “robbery gone wrong,” he decided not to take anything, because he didn’t want to be tied to the murders, but usually criminals aren’t that smart. I wonder if they were sexually assaulted, no word on that, but I can’t help but suspect this guy is yet another black pervert with an elderly white woman fetish.

N.S. I don’t think he’s a pervert. Raping and murdering old white ladies is a common race war tactic. Black war criminals don’t find them attractive, just vulnerable, and the crime is characterized by racist sadism.


Suspected war criminal Rodney Earl Sanders


Anonymous said...

Can't we bring back hanging,just for this guy?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
While there certainly can be a "political agenda component" to acts of sexual assault I think the innate sexually violent deviance must be present for someone to act, putting it out there that it's always some sort of political act plays into the hands of black racists who want to excuse or justify the sexual violence of black men.

Brings to mind Eldridge Cleaver when he publicly wrote about how his serial rape of white women was politically motivated and made him feel empowered as a black man. Of course, he never resolved the fact he also raped black women before moving on to white ones. Gee Eldridge, maybe you're just a violent misogynistic rapist and nothing else, and since you took particular delight in raping white women, a racist one as well. White feminists have always been silent about Eldridge Cleavers admission of being a serial rapist, the only criticisms of him I've ever read are from black women. Just more evidence of the hypocrisy and moral corruption of modern feminism, especially white ones.

One of the basic tenets of black racism 101 is that whitey is the sexual deviant while we (da black man) only commit rape as some sort of political statement, therefore negro men are somehow on a higher moral and ethical plane than white men when it comes to sexual violence. Kind of like the belief that blacks kills "for a reason" while whitey kills coz he crazy. It is all, of course, utter and complete absurdity but 99% of black America believes it, and sadly much of white America also.

I think we must be wary of enabling those delusions.

Anonymous said...

The blacks can justify anything with bullshit.That's their specialty.

David In TN said...

When I would tell liberal acquaintances about the Knoxville Horror, they said the killers were "crazy." A liberal tenant is that "people are good" and have to be insane to commit a heinous murder.

Or at least blacks who do so are "crazy" according to liberals.

David In TN said...

Speaking of Eldridge Cleaver, when I was in college liberals loved his book calling it "revealing" and "relevant."

Later Cleaver called himself a conservative republican, and a Mormon.

Anonymous said...

Sociopaths shed their skins easily,and morph into whatever personalities they need to be,to create the most havoc.Robert Hare's list of sociopathy would reveal the symptoms of Cleaver's psychological sickness.But sociopaths know what they're doing at all times,therefore,they cannot use insanity as a defense.Blacks are estimated to be 33-50% sociopathic,according to studies I've seen.They are not rehabilitable.The more the black population grows,the more we will see cities become central locations for sociopathy--like Chicago and Baltimore or Philadelphia.Three qualities of sociopathy are impulsive behavior,lying and crime.The only place for blacks,who start to show these symptoms at an early age,is prison.Don't wait for a murder spree to become public to put these deranged,antisocial losers away for life."Super-predators"was correct.That's the one subject Clinton had right on the money.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Since even the local townsfolk seem to be outraged by all this, let them handle the punishment for the villain. Even during the lynching era black folks had a way to expedite justice for their own kind that got out of line.

Anonymous said...

"N.S. I don’t think he’s a pervert. Raping and murdering old white ladies is a common race war tactic."

Raping elderly women is an indication of a very sick and depraved mentality, evil!

Anonymous said...

"A liberal tenant is that 'people are good' and have to be insane to commit a heinous murder."

Let the liberal then explain how a minimum of FIVE persons were all insane at the same time.

Anonymous said...

After a life of dedication to good works,these poor nuns died a gruesome hideous death at the hands of a feral demonic monster. Corporate works of mercy are emphasized in the Catholic tradition. Perhaps the virtue of prudence should be practised. Altruism has a price.

Anonymous said...

In September 2014,three elderly Italian nuns were brutally beaten,raped and beheaded in Africa.

Anonymous said...

"In September 2014,three elderly Italian nuns were brutally beaten, raped and beheaded in Africa."

Nuns working in Africa in the 1960's were using birth control pills as so many were being raped by the locals. Taking the pills without having sex is not a sin under Catholic doctrine.

As in the Nun's Story" the killing of a white Catholic holy woman was seen as vital to the power of the witch doctor.

Eternal Africa.

Get a grip people! said...

Let me guess Ted Bundy is a negro.