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Baseball’s First Openly Gay Player, Bush Leaguer Sean Conroy, Hasn’t Even in Played in the Minor Leagues, Yet He Has Already been Enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Thanks to the Militant Homosexualism of the Lords of Baseball and the Media; What Might Friedrich Nietzsche Have Said About All This?


Sean Conroy, the Hall of Famer from the Bush League, r

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“1 Year Later, Pro Baseball's 1st Openly Gay Player Still Leads by Example.”

The above-linked piece of homosexualist propaganda masquerading as sports reporting runs over 4,000 words! Bleacher Report “MLB Lead Writer” Zachary D. Rymer asserts up front that baseball locker rooms are hotbeds of “homophobia,” before declaring that Sean Conroy’s teammates last year on the Pacific Association’s Sonoma Stompers immediately embraced him, as did his mostly new teammates this year. So, which is it?

Similarly, Rymer mocks critics of homosexualization among the public as anonymous cowards, knowing that Bleacher Report, which usually permits reader comments, would not permit any.

“It was after the Stompers made the announcement that outrage finally surfaced, but it was minor. Apart from a few Stompers season ticket holders and host families who boycotted the game, Lindbergh wrote that the bad noise was mostly restricted to the usual safe space for outspoken tough guys: Facebook comment sections.”

So, who’s the coward here?

The Pacific Association isn’t even minor league ball. It’s an independent league that is below all minor leagues, which rank as A, AA, and AAA ball. Rymer asserts that the PA is on a par with A ball, but he’s reaching, just as he is when he tries to come up with metrics rationalizing a signing of Conroy by a legitimate minor league, even he admits that Conroy doesn’t have big league stuff. So, why sign him? Because he’s queer, stupid.
Zachary D. Rymer is no sportswriter, but he is one fat double-talker. It’s the usual shtick here, with Rymer playing Mr. Subliminal Liar:

Rymer Liar: ‘I’m not writing about this guy because he’s gay, but because he can play.’

Real Rymer: I wouldn’t give this guy the time of day, if he were normal!

Rymer Liar: ‘This guy should be given a chance to play in the minor leagues, not because he’s gay…’

Real Rymer: Big League baseball needs to provide openly gay role models, dammit! We tried to do the trick, by lying about Sandy Koufax and Mike Piazza, because there are no great gay ballplayers, so teams must—and will—hire openly gay ballplayers, merit be damned!

The Lords of Baseball have made it clear that they intend to queer the game. If Sean Conroy doesn’t get signed to a big-league contract as a player, they will hire him to a front office position, as the Oriole have already insinuated they’ll do.

And the lies just keep on coming.

“The precedents for Conroy's experience aren't encouraging. Glenn Burke and Billy Bean had unhappy and short-lived careers as major leaguers who were not out publicly. Jason Collins and Michael Sam were celebrated for coming out but then swiftly nudged aside. Before becoming the first openly gay player in Major League Soccer, Robbie Rogers' coming out originally coincided with his retirement.

“So far, though, Conroy's story has been different. It's already put him in the Hall of Fame, and it's still offering a glimpse at a brighter, more inclusive future for professional baseball.”

Rymer is insinuating that Burke, Bean, Collins and Sam were victims of “hate.” In fact, they all stunk. Collins and Sam only got signed as political hires, because they had claimed to be gay. Sam really is gay, but he never would have been drafted by any NFL team as a normal player. He lacked the quickness and strength to make it in the NFL. Collins had been a lousy center, even when he was young—slow and clumsy. Lying about his sexuality got him hired. His new-found homosexuality was a big surprise to his girlfriend.

Racial socialist hacks like Zachary Rymer and Billy Bean, baseball’s Queer Czar, want to impose affirmative action on professional sports at the highest level.

When a friend sent me the passage below, from Friedrich Nietzsche’s Nachlaß (unpublished papers), much of which was published under the title, The Will to Power, I responded: That’s prophetic.

Now I realize that it wasn’t. Nietzsche was responding to the catastrophe of the French Revolution. The problems of the past 99 years were seen and foreseen (except for race replacement) by observers of the French Revolution and its reverberations.

Nietzsche on the Triumph of the Oppressed: (From Section 864 of The Will to Power)

Why the weak conquer. In summa....

Finally: the social hodgepodge, consequence of the Revolution, the establishment of equal rights, of the superstition of "equal men." The bearers of the instincts of decline (of ressentiment, discontent, the drive to destroy, anarchism, and nihilism), including the slave instincts, the instincts of cowardice, cunning, and canaille [the masses] in those orders that have long been kept down, mingle with the blood of all classes: two, three generations later the race is no longer recognizable -- everything has become mob. From this there results a collective instinct against selection, against privilege of all kinds, that is so powerful and self-assured, hard, and cruel in its operation that the privileged themselves actually soon succumb to it: whoever still wants to retain power flatters the mob, works with the mob, must have the mob on its side -- the "geniuses" above all: they become heralds of those feelings with which one moves the masses -- the note of sympathy, even reverence, for all that has lived a life of suffering, lowliness, contempt, persecution, sounds above all other notes...

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deborah harvey said...

golly, nietsche certainly had insight.
i suppose the usa is doomed as theere seems no going back once the mob has been raised up.