Saturday, August 20, 2016

Another Black Mass Murder: See Smiling Mug Shot of Black Man Who Allegedly Slaughtered Negro Army Vet and Her Three Young Daughters (Two of Whom He’d Fathered!) with Hammer


Victims Garlette Howard and her three daughters

By Reader-Researcher RC

"Cops: Army vet and her 3 young daughters were killed with hammer

"A North Carolina man is accused of fatally beating the woman and her three young daughters, two of which were also his daughters"

At CBS News.


Suspect Diboon Toone


Anonymous said...

Big strapping black dude with hammer. Kills small children and their mother. This is a death penalty case.

Anonymous said...

They like hammers and bricks. Useful for bashing a skull.

Anonymous said...

This is truly sickening! How insane and demonic! They also like to play with matches!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he didn't torch the place and them...exactly true.
On a much lesser scale,Ryan Lochte,who made up a whopper he didn't have to,was fired by Speedo--one of his sponsors.The reason?One of my favorites:
"Not living up to the "values" of Speedo."Could anyone explain to me what those values could possibly be?I thought all they did was produce athletic gear and sell it.I didn't realize they were a moral and religious organization,as well.
I guess you can tell,I hate hypocrisy.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"They also like to play with matches!"

Don't forget the broken glass all over the place. It shines in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mass murder and igniting fires,3 little children & 1 adult just died in an arson fire in Chicago. It was over a debt of ten dollars.