Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Killers Gonna Kill, and Blacks Gonna Excuse Them, as Long as the Killers are Also Black: Newest Rationalization for Murdering a Man: He Didn’t Hold Mickey Dee’s Door Open for My Whore, er, Bitch, er, Fiance


Murder victim Mohammad Robinson and an unidentified child

By A Texas Reader and Nicholas Stix

Man shot and killed for not holding the door open for woman at a McDonald's

“At Least One Killed in McDonald’s Shooting.”

“365Black in Baltimore: Racist Black Lynch Mob Attacks Whites in McDonald’s in Hate Crime; Racist Local Media Lie, and Call It a ‘Prank’ and a ‘Brawl’; National MSM ‘Disappear’ Crime Altogether.”

Why would I buy pink slime from him?

Man shot and killed for not holding the door open for woman at a McDonald's

An argument outside a North Las Vegas McDonald’s turned deadly for a 31-year-old man. Family members of Mohammad Robinson say he died Saturday night after he mistakenly did not hold the door open for a woman. “It's horrible. I want my dad back and you took h…”

N.S.: Mohammad Robinson’s family members and alleged witnesses who peddled the story above are imbeciles. Robinson did not “mistakenly” fail to hold the door open for a woman. The person for whom he declined to hold the door open was no “woman,” though she was a female, and it wasn’t his place to act as doorman for her.

A gentleman holds doors for ladies. If Robinson’s killer was concerned about someone holding the door for his escort, he should have held it himself. It was his job, not a stranger’s.

Here’s what happened. There was no argument. An argument presupposes that at least two people have a beef with each other. What was Mohammad Robinson’s beef with this stranger?

The female in question and her consort went to McDonald’s looking for someone to slaughter.

“The friend told [Robinson’s 14-year-old daughter, Miniya] Sampson, her father got into an argument with a woman that was upset that a door into the McDonald's was not held open for her. The woman notified a man she was with and that man pulled out a gun and shot Robinson.

“The victim's girlfriend who did not want to show her face says Mohammed was a respectful man.

"He was the utmost respect for his elders. Yes, ma'am -- no sir. He's not confrontational even when we would argue he'd walk away," said Mohammad's

“Sampson believes her father died because of a misunderstanding.”

The female in question started screaming at Robinson as a pretext to sic her male consort on him. I’ve been in the identical situation numerous times, except that in my case, the racist black thugs who attacked me lacked guns. One reason they weren’t packing was that in at least two cases, they attacked me right on policemen, once a black, and another time, a white cop.

The daughter is a moron, too, in a way that is typical of many black adults, as well. There was no “misunderstanding.” The female and her killer-consort knew exactly what was going on.

Whenever one reads of such a cold-blooded murder, some blacks will play the “misunderstanding” card. That tells you right away that the killer was black.

When a white or white-enough man kills a black would-be killer in self-defense, or by accident, blacks have no understanding. The white man must die! But when a black man slaughters another black man in cold blood, one often hears ludicrous lines like “It was a misunderstanding.”

Ten or so years ago, a black man was bicycling in black Far Rockaway, Queens. He was a Bible-thumper, always trying to get people to get right with their God. When a black driver passed him, the bicyclist shouted something to him, like “Praise the Lord!” The driver shot him dead, just like that.

Local blacks called the murder “a misunderstanding,” assuming for the benefit of the murderer that he had mistakenly believed that the bicyclist had insulted him.

A civilized human being does not murder someone, because he thinks the man might have insulted him, or even because he did insult him.

To my knowledge, that Far Rockaway murder was never solved, even though I’m sure people there know who committed it.

“No snitching.”

Who believes that “Black Lives Matter”? Not blacks.

One aspect of the story I do believe, however, is that Mohammad Robinson was a gentleman. If he had been an uncouth cut-throat, his killers would have let him be. Black cut-throats see all human decency as weakness, and seek to avoid confrontations with their fellows (a drive-by shooting is a sneak attack, not a confrontation). I had previously thought that they limited that approach to whites, and maybe they once did, but they have since expanded it to blacks.


Anonymous said...

This is generally how it happens. The look, the glance, the stare. The perceived look, glance or stare. The cigarette, the parking spot, the quarter. Bang, bang, shoot em' up, someone dead.

No thought, no reasoning, heaven forbid such a thing might occur.

Anonymous said...

"There was no argument. An argument presupposes that at least two people have a beef with each other. There was no argument. An argument presupposes that at least two people have a beef with each other."

Correct. Argument as defined so broadly as might mean any verbal exchange between two persons. NOT an argument as generally, normally and commonly understood.

The media is fond of using that word "argument" all the time.

Get a grip people! said...
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