Tuesday, August 09, 2016

My Nomination for Theme Song for the Trump Campaign: Hank Williams Jr.'s “Country Folks Can Survive” (Video)

[Of related interest, at WEJB/NSU:

“The WEJB/NSU Country Music Concert: 22 Videos (Tom T. Hall, George Strait, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Hank Williams Jr., Tennessee Ernie Ford, Alan Jackson, et al.)”]

This has the added advantage that you can bet the ranch that Hank Jr. would give his blessing.

Hank Williams Jr.: “Country Folks Can Survive” (with Lyrics)

AllCountryLyrics's channel.


Anonymous said...

"The Gambler","Take This Job and Shove It",""Send in the Clowns","Revolution".All usable at various stages of the
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Today(Thursday),at the National Association of Homebuilders,Donald Trump took a page out of Ross Perot's playbook,by bringing out a CHART of house ownership.Very nice.
He also made a hilarious comment about Clinton's speech schedule.
"You know,Clinton makes these speeches--and they don't last a long time,10 minutes,then she goes home...and goes to sleep.Then she wakes up,and 3 days later,she gives another 10 minute speech...then goes home and goes to sleep."
Trump's speech today,completely off the cuff,was a great speech.Very likable and knowledgeable sounding.More of this and he's unbeatable.
At the end he said,"The politicians think we're stupid people,but it's the politicians that are stupid...and(from "Network"),we're not going to take it anymore".
Love it.
--GR Anonymous