Thursday, August 18, 2016

An Index of a Most Disturbing Sort: White Women Who Went Swimming with the “Sharks”

By Reader-Researcher AL

Herewith, an index from the Larry Auster archive ALONE of those instances where the white woman was having "doings" or "taking up with" a dark skinned man and the results for the whitey woman were catastrophic.

NOT merely confined to the United States either and not merely confined to American negro men with whitey women.

NOT only are the women in danger but sometimes their parents and children also, if they have any, are in peril.

And even as with Prudence Hockley, these women are not always young and naïve. Older women such as Prudence should have known better. But she must have found the "bodybuilder" to be a real man.


Anonymous said...

I read just a couple of the murders--and the similarities to other crimes with black thugs and white women is:the white woman is always working,trying to improve things,going to school etc.The black guy contributes ZIP...except sperm,I suppose--or drugs.
I'm guessing,white women are ignorant of these kinds of stories.If they knew why blacks gravitate to them,they'd never allow it to happen.They are hosts for the parasitic black leech,and that is ALL they are...until they are killed.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And as with the wild animal you never know what made the negro man "snap". It could be something the victim is not even aware of, or something so inconsequential as to be absurd.

Anonymous said...

"Sharks" is correct. One moment nonchalantly swimming around you and then for no apparent reason biting and taking a big chunk out of you.