Monday, August 15, 2016

MILWAUKEE — Sylville Smith, The Man Whose Shooting by Milwaukee Police Triggered Hours-Long Riots on the City’s Predominantly Black North Side was a 23-Year-Old Black Man and Father to a Toddler, His Mother Said Sunday


Sylville Smith: He was a good boy, who was turning his life around, who had no enemies, except for the racist police

"Milwaukee shooting victim identified by mom

"MILWAUKEE — The man whose shooting by Milwaukee police triggered hours of violent protests on the city’s predominantly black north side was a 23-year-old black man and father to a toddler,..."


I didn't know the cheese head state had open carry.

At the New York Post, or what's left of it.


Anonymous said...

"Tyreese he be a good boy. Tyreese he never gibs me no trouble. Tyreese he don't even own no gun."

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that there's bullet chambered in his Glock when he was photographed, so he's pointing a loaded gun directly at the camera person. Clearly not a person who cares about the safety of others!

Anonymous said...

" Clearly not a person who cares about the safety of others!"

Would not be aware of the danger to begin with and would not have cared even if he did know.

Get a grip people! said...

In other news white father "accidently" kills his son by shooting him in the neck. While entertaining his 3 children at a shooting range, showing off his pistol prowess he mistakenly fires his weapon BEHIND HIM, hitting the child in the neck in front of his other 2 kids when he is seemly accosted by a hot gun shell casing which he was trying to remove from his shirt while holding a loaded firearm with his finger on the trigger...let me guess he is father of the year, whiteys catergorize this as a tragic accident, and the offending shell casing was....Black perhaps....His wife's statement....I just can't believe this! Billy Bob Sr. would never hurt little Jimmy..He always took him fishin and shootin and stuff, our small trailer park community is just shaken.

Nicholas said...


Why the scare quotes? It was a tragic accident. And at least the white father didn't blame the gun, or say, "The gun just went off," the way black murderers so frequently do.

However, I wasn't aware of that case, so you're good for something, in spite of your pathetic, racist self. Keep 'em comin!