Sunday, August 28, 2016

What Does the Alt Right Want? (Graphic)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

OH, this is all so controversial. OH, I have such a hard time with so much of this. These are far right wing code words and dog whistle agenda items. OH!

Rodger Smith said...

I am not sure all people considering themselves alt-right would agree with number 4. More and more gay people have joined the alt-right.

Nicholas said...

Rodger Smith,

Well, you’re certainly right about Alt Right leaders. They have relentlessly promoted an openly, aggressively homosexual Nazi, whose specialty is writing and lecturing normal men on how to be properly masculine. They publish his essays, promote his books, and constantly invite him to speak at their conferences. God only knows what motivates these men. They seem to be normal, and yet…

As for ordinary Alt Righters, I have not heard complaints from them about the promotion of this men to spokesman for the neo-Nazi, er, Alt Right movement. Then again, I do not hang around their blogs and Web sites much these days. For some reason, they don’t much care for me.

Then again, according to the SPLC, and its newsroom allies, I am a leading figure of the Alt Right.

It’s a funny, old world.

Anonymous said...

OK yea. You guys want to reinstitute segregation.

Yea don't deny it. All that nonsense about multiculturalism and homogeneous and separate cultures.

Yea you may "favor" but thats not our Americas problem.

People aren't going to be corralled by a resurgent white dominated direction of society with "favored"(forced/incentivized) homogeny.

In the end all of your meanderings deep down lead to a hope for segregation especially upon blacks. You may tolerate compromise of other races and even nowadays focus on Arabs and Mexicans but in the end your ultimate goal is to legislate penalize supervise and compartmentalize black people away.

Not gonna happen.