Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Documents: Negro Dallas Cop-Killer Had Violent Outburst, Gun Taken While in Army, but Affirmative Action Rode to the Rescue!

By A Texas Reader

I knew it!

Negro = low impulse control + proclivity towards violence.

"Documents: Dallas cop killer had violent outburst; gun taken while in Army

"Micah Xavier Johnson told Army investigators that he had 'no friends and not enough money' and that he once punched out a car window in a fit of frustration after a female friend and fellow soldier backed out of seeing a movie with him, newly released military documents show."



Joshua Sinistar said...

I'm not sure why anyone considers these things human? Humans have reasons for behavior and an understanding of rules and boundaries. If we called them apes, would it hurt their feelings? If we called them apes, would people be more honest and admit they fit the moniker? Their IQs fall below chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas. Their behaviors are no more trustworthy or sane than wild animals. What is this misguided generosity that endangers all life by allowing these creatures to roam freely? They rape women, and dogs. They kill cops, cats, birds and just about anything else. They create a dead zone around them like a plague. Any neighborhood they infest has no birds singing, no squirrels gathering nuts, and even the grass is dead. These aren't human beings, they're monsters.

Anonymous said...

" he once punched out a car window in a fit of frustration "

NOW WONDER he had no friends.