Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Committing the Felonies Americans Won’t Do, in Plano, Texas: Nigerian Alleged Ring Leader of Credit Card Crime Ring Operation Arrested


Suspect Dayo Anisulowo

By A Texas Reader

Was he committing the felonies that Americans won't?

"Alleged ring leader of credit card crime ring operation arrested

"Police believe a man arrested for stealing packages in Plano is actually the leader of a credit card crime ring operating in North Texas and throughout the country."

At Fox News.


Bubba said...

Thanks for publishing this as it happens more than most people know. Here are a couple of oldies (about 2 years ago) but goodies.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is [?] the most corrupt nation on the planet? And the Nigerian is the biggest scam artist [?] on the planet. Perhaps the Nigerian is exceeded only by the Gypsy?