Wednesday, August 03, 2016

By Refusing to Endorse Open Borders Republicans Paul Ryan and John McCain (Who Had Already Refused to Endorse Trump), Donald Trump is Either Committing Political Suicide, by Alienating His Party, or He's Brilliant

[Re: “MSM Apoplectic Because Trump Won’t Endorse Lyin’ Ryan.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

Trump just leapt a few levels higher in my eyes also. There are a lot of these kinds of politicians that need to be disposed of. Ryan is worthless--never should have been made party leader in the House. I hope Trump sticks to his guns... this is fascinating stuff. Either he's committing suicide by alienating his party, or he's brilliant. The mechanics of this make the result seem impossible to achieve. Without support from party bigshots--how can Trump win? Any suppression of the votes he desperately needs, which the Koch brothers will have a hand in, or other political power guys like McConnell or Ryan--NOT endorsing Trump? It would be both historic and catastrophic. Obama is baiting them to endorse Hillary by abstention.

It appears Trump is going this alone. He and Fox News.

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jeigheff said...

Political endorsements must be a bigger deal than I ever knew, even though I feel naive saying that.

Back in January or February, my future son-in-law Mike told me about a web site (its name escapes me) which uses statistics to make predictions which often prove to be accurate. Since he had his iPhone in hand, I asked Mike about which presidential candidates were predicted by that site's statisticians. It turned out that they favored Hillary and Jeb because of the number of endorsements they each had at that time. Even though Jeb's campaign wasn't going so good, he had piled up more endorsements than any of the other Republican candidates, which this group of statisticians considered to be a critical factor.

I think Trump is being reasonable by not endorsing his political enemies. Hopefully other Americans think the same.