Saturday, October 03, 2015

If Frank Sinatra were Still Alive, and were Interviewed by Larry King


"Frank Sinatra during a concert on his 75th birthday [sic] at the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, NJ, on Dec. 13, 1990. Photo: AP Photo" [His birthday had been the day before.]

Larry King, September 14, 2010

By Anonymous

America has changed tremendously for the worse from just the time Frank Sinatra passed away (May 14, 1998). I’d love to see him on Larry King answering questions today.

Larry King: Good to see you, Mr.Sinatra. The reason you’re here tonight is they had to cancel your concert in Baltimore tonight, due to rioting. What do you think of what’s going on?

Frank Sinatra: (Bleep) em, Larry. Punks. Put ‘em all in jail.

King: When you were last in Baltimore many years ago, could you imagine this happening?

Sinatra: Nahh, what the hell is the problem with blacks nowadays... Sammy was never like that. He had a lot of respect and hard work. These rioters should go back to that kind of living... this doesn’t jibe with me, Larry. I don’t get it.

King: Frank, you’re supposed to be in Chicago tomorrow, and then St. Louis. Have you seen those cities lately?

Sinatra: I hear they’re a lot darker now (laughs).

King (laughs): Frank, I don’t think Chicago is your kind of town anymore. In fact, your concert there was just cancelled because of safety issues near the concert venue.

Sinatra: How’s Vegas look?

King: Not bad... me and my 12th wife are planning to see you out there in November... Frank Sinatra, thanks for your time.


Anonymous said...

I m guessing that you liked my idea.I threw it together in 5 minutes...thanks for making it look good.I remember watching those two a few times on CNN.I don t think what I wrote would be too far off from reality.

David In TN said...

Yes, that's what Sinatra would say now. I've a hunch his private opinions would be even stronger.