Saturday, October 03, 2015

An Oregon Reader-Researcher Writes About Black Immigrant Mass Murderer Chris Harper Mercer


Black Immigrant Umpqua CC mass murderer Chris Harper Mercer

By Jerry PDX

[Re: “Umpqua Community College Revised Murder Count, and List.”]

I live in Oregon, so this story is right in my face. Despite the blanket local media coverage, the fact this guy was part black (or a full black man if you go by the one drop rule) is being ignored. The first pictures I've seen are clearly designed to make him look as white as possible. It's reminiscent of Jacob Tyler Roberts, the fairly recent Clackamas Town Center shooter, another mixed-race shooter who had the kind of ambiguous appearance that some photos of him made him look mostly white, while others you could clearly see his mixed-race heritage. The photos the media put on front pages were the ones where he looked white. I see the same thing going on with Mercer; the media won't recognize that the last two mass shooters have been black.

Also, there is a video posted on Youtube of Mercer's father, he's and English white man. His mother, from what I've been able to glean, is a black woman. However, there are no pictures of her anywhere that I can find. I don't know if she's hiding from the media or the media is reluctant to put her picture in the news because it would reveal the truth about Mercer's racial identity. I'm betting it's the latter, but we'll see what happens in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

if Obama had a son would it look like this? another son of Obama.
after all Obama is a mulatto too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points.People should always think about how the mixing of DNA from blacks and whites can cause the kids to be angry that they aren t identifiable as either black OR white.Not accepted by either culture makes Chris an angry boy and man.Many more out there.
It s not just racial, but sexual confusion that s starting to allay itself with the push for gay rights and gay parenting of heterosexual adoptees.How in the world can THAT be expected to result in well adjusted adults, after seeing mom and mom kissing, or dad and dad doing the same.If you think mental illness is proliferating now, wait until THIS generation of kids, parented by gay couples grow up.Hopefully, I ll be in a country house somewhere...away from it all.

Anonymous said...

Here's a video of the NY Times re the shooting:
Notice Chris Mercer's photo is absent, the video only shows his white relatives. If I didn't already know that the shooter was black I'd assume he was a white man. It appears the media is going to slyly manipulate the public into thinking he's white. I'd be willing to bet if you conducted man on the street interviews that 99.9% of people in the US will say his is a white man. I wonder how the FBI is going to categorize him.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Obama and Lynch tell them to do.