Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ongoing Obama Crime Scandal of Sexual Perversion and Corruption in Sacramento: Kevin Johnson’s Crimes were Uncovered Years Ago, but Criminal-in-Chief Obama Destroyed White Whistleblower, and Protected Johnson


Kevin Johnson’s white victim, Mandi Koba, being interviewed by police in 1996

This is all the show of the dictator calling himself “Barack Obama.” If America had had an independent press, it would have taken Johnson down, and Obama with him, years ago. With “Enda Kenny and his wife, Fionnuala O'Kelly” in 2015. Note Madame Michelle's terrible manners, in wearing high heels, in order to tower over a white foreign dignitary.

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Comeuppance of Obama Crony Kevin Johnson–Black Mayor Accused of Molesting a White Teenaged Girl
By Michelle Malkin
October 15, 2015

The fit finally hit the shan for Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson. His latest troubles are a stark reminder of the despicable White House role in railroading a vigilant government watchdog who red-flagged Johnson’s corruption years ago.

Sports fans buzzed last week after ESPN shelved a documentary celebrating Johnson’s efforts to keep the Sacramento Kings basketball team in his city. The public relations disaster came at the hands of the weekly Sacramento News & Review, which has published damning reports all year long on Johnson’s use of public resources for personal gain—along with sports website Deadspin, which has hammered Johnson over longtime allegations of the athlete-turned-Democrat point man’s sleazy financial dealings and personal perversities.


Sacramento crime boss and head perv, Kevin Johnson. Johnson was one of the most talented point guards in the NBA, but he was a wimp, who was constantly going down with little injuries.

The Sacramento News & Review, which is now being sued by Johnson, detailed how the mayor was using “city staff to screw around in the internal politics of the National Basketball Players Association. And having public employees help wage his power struggle for control of the National Conference of Black Mayors.” Among Deadspin’s damaging scoops: an exclusive interview with accuser Mandi Koba and video of her 1996 police interview in which the then-17-year-old victim graphically described repeated sexual molestation by Johnson, then 29 and a star member of the Phoenix Suns. [Police Video Shows Teen Girl Graphically Accusing Kevin Johnson Of Sexual Abuse, by Dave McKenna, DeadSpin, October 8, 2015]….

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