Friday, October 16, 2015

Surviving Detroit: An Episode on Investigative Discovery



[Re: “Man Sentenced to 37 Years in Murder of Detroit Nation of Islam (NOI) Leader.”]

By David in TN

Speaking of Detroit, a new Investigative Discovery Channel show called Surviving Evil, has an episode on Sunday morning October 18 at 10 a.m. ET called “The Queen's Daughter.”

It concerns a 1976 kidnapping-rape of a young Canadian woman, who with “friends” came to Detroit one night for the nightlife. On the way back to Windsor, Canada, a flat tire stranded her on the freeway late at night. She was grabbed by a “gang of youths” who took her to a house and raped her repeatedly.

How she escaped with her life is the story. I saw it last night. Her name is Melissa McCormick, and this story is supposedly well known in Canada through a book with the title used for the episode.

N.S.: Think of all the hundreds of thousands of whites who have endured similar fates, but who didn’t—or were physically or intellectually unable to—write books about their ordeal. And if you can’t write your own book, no MSM “journalist” will write it.


Host Charisma Carpenter


Anonymous said...

In the book "What Every Cop Knows" this sort of incident is mentioned as occurring more often than what people might think. Young white women whisked off by a gang of colored to some secluded spot in the "hood", held for days, gang raped over and over.

Not common but not so uncommon. Also the type of crime that is strictly a negro thing.

David In TN said...

I once came across a case in Los Angeles were a white woman had a flat tire on the freeway and a black "good samaritan" stopped to change the tire. He then took her to a house in South Central and with some friends gang-raped her.

The woman did survive but the main perp claimed she went to the house voluntarily and had "consensual sex." The affair was settled by a plea bargain.

The above is from a 2-3 paragraph anecdote in the 1996 book, "The D.A."

By the way, there was a black good samaritan in the Melissa McCormick case, but a carload of "men" drove up, beat up the good samaritan and took Miss McCormick away. See the ID Channel episode mentioned above for what happened.

David In TN said...

The "leader" of the gang of rapists, one Joseph Evans, was paroled on June 30 of this year. He had pleaded guilty and was sentenced to "life without parole," but was paroled after 39 years. The excuse was Evans is over 60 and they are releasing prisoners that age to make room for younger offenders.

This information is from The Queen's Daughter website. Today I ordered the book.

Anonymous said...

I spent time with him behind bars. He is still a monster. He is a danger.