Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Mets Beat the Cubs 8-3, to Sweep NLCS 4-0, and Go to the World Series for the First Time Since 2000!

By Nicholas Stix

Expect Daniel Murphy to win series MVP.


David In TN said...

Glad your team is in the World Series! I didn't want to say anything until they clinched it. There seemed to be a lot of Met fans in Wrigley Field.

Nicholas said...

Thanks, David. Yes, I saw them, too. I have no idea if they're NYC expats, or well-to-do folks who got tickets and flew in.

You'd never believe these guys were 42-41, before Sandy Alderson made all those moves starting one week before the trade deadline. However, there are a lot of question marks, going into the series. The Mets play some of the worst middle-infield defense in baseball--i.e., Wilmer Flores and Daniel Murphy--Cespedes hurt his shoulder and may not be able to play, or play effectively, and you have to wonder how much the team's young guns--Harvey, deGrom, and Syndegaard--still have left in the tank. On a positive note, if Duda is now heating up, he can be an even bigger offensive weapon than Murphy, in a short series.