Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ungrateful Ex-CNN “Journalists”—After Devoting Their Careers to Increasing Colored Violent Crime and Disarming Whites, Tried to Murder Colored Property Redistributors, and Now Seek to Shake Down Motel 6, for Giving Them a Taste of Diversity!


Fake boobs and a Wonder bra?! Just like this lawsuit.

By Nicholas Stix

Instead of suing Motel 6, they should have paid double their room prices, out of gratitude. They devoted their careers to encouraging violent, racist black criminals, and Motel 6 let them see the fruits of their labors up close.

Wait a minute. There was “an exchange of gunfire”? That means that both sides were shooting. How many times did these two demand gun confiscation, and demonize law-abiding white gun owners during their careers at CNN? But it turns out they were packing, and tried to kill their attackers? Now, I remember: Gun control is for “the little people.” Note too that their “anti-racist” academic friends are always vilifying the notion that one has a right to be safe as an expression of “white privilege.”

I guess things were a little tight in the DeCaro-Russel household. One of the perks of being a media operative, is that your friends will always help you shake down companies.

Reader Anony-mouse quipped,
It's a Motel 6!!

Responded The Kenyan,
"We'll leave the light on for ya."


Ex-CNN couple sue Motel 6 after shooting in Albuquerque
By Associated Press
October 16, 2015, 12:46 p.m.
Updated: October 16, 2015, 12:58 p.m.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A pair of former CNN journalists are suing Motel 6 after a man tried to rob the couple at gunpoint and the encounter led to an exchange of gunfire that wounded one of the former reporters.

Chuck DeCaro, a former reporter, and Lynne Russel, a former anchor, say the chain does not do enough to ensure the safety of its customers. Their complaint was filed Tuesday in New Mexico Second District Court in Albuquerque.

KRQE News 13 was first to report the lawsuit late Thursday.

The couple’s attorney Randi McGinn said Friday that the Motel 6 in Albuquerque where the couple stayed in June is a haven for crime, and unmonitored security cameras give travelers a false sense of security.

Motel 6 did not immediately return calls for comment.


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Breaking news. This one is right in my backyard. Yes, yet ANOTHER black serial killer...How many times have I written that? Homer Lee Jackson has just been arrested and is tied in with 4 murders of black women during the 80's. Now, there appears to be a huge gap of time here, he's just been arrested and they only have info re 4 80's era murders. So what was he doing between 1990 and now? Police don't say but they do think he could have murdered other women...really? He's a serial killer and has had 25 years to operate, yeah I think he's likely killed others. There's a lot of questions here. How did this guy commit 4 murders in the 80's and continue to run around free for decades, very likely killing other women. He's been involved in a lot of other criminal activities over the years but police never realized he was a serial killer, did he get black serial killer diversity consideration like Samuel Little did for decades? We'll see, this is in my hometown Portland so there should be some local reporting on this guy, I'll keep my eye on the story.

Anonymous said...

Portland OR. The white nationalist movement is so fond of suggesting that a white homeland be created in the Pacific Northwest. Seen as an area of the country relatively free of minority persons of what ever type.

Forget it. They are there also and in numbers and it has been so for some time.

Anonymous said...

While I'm usually foursquare behind the opinions posted here, I can't agree that Lynne Russell and her husband were a significant part of the endless media blitz against private gun ownership. Lynne was a mere talking head, and her husband an ordinary reporter. These are not the people who set the anti-gun editorial tone. They're cogs in the evil machine, yes, but far from the largest ones.