Saturday, October 17, 2015

Breaking News: New, Suspected Black Serial Killer du Jour Arrested in Portland, Oregon


“Homer Lee Jackson in a series of mug shots over the years from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office”

By Jerry PDX

Breaking news. This one is right in my backyard. Yes, yet ANOTHER black serial killer…. How many times have I written that?

Homer Lee Jackson has just been arrested and is tied in with four murders of black women during the 80's. Now, there appears to be a huge gap of time here, he's just been arrested and they only have info regarding four 80's era murders. So what was he doing between 1990 and now? Police don't say, but they do think he could have murdered other women... really? He's a serial killer and has had 25 years to operate, yeah, I think he's likely killed others.

There's a lot of questions here. How did this guy commit four murders in the 80's, and continue to run around free for decades, very likely killing other women? He's been involved in a lot of other criminal activities over the years, but police never realized he was a serial killer. Did he get black serial killer diversity consideration, like Samuel Little did for decades? We'll see, this is in my hometown, Portland so there should be some local reporting on this guy. I'll keep my eye on the story.


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