Thursday, October 22, 2015

Liberalism as Stockholm Syndrome: Black Men Gang-Rape White Porn Star; Check Out the Ingenious Revenge She Took on Them!

By Jerry PDX

I don't know if you listen to Tommy Sotomayor but his videos are all over Youtube, and he's one of the few blacks who tell some reasonable approximation of truth. This video is about the rape of a porn star named Cytherea by 4 “teens.” Just guess what “teens” is code word for here.

Tommy’s analysis of what happened is spot on. This Cytherea is clearly a white guilt liberal so delusional she decided to have sex with a black man in her next porn shoot, in order to say F*** you to her black rapists. How in the twisted world of liberalism does having sex with a black man say F*** you to her black rapists?
Tommy doesn't hesitate to point out the racial double standards from the white media and society. It's a great listen:


This link is a good analysis of race, politics and feminism, regarding the black men’s rape of a porn star. A good read also that deconstructs our society’s many hypocrisies and lies around the subject of black sexual violence. Like Tommy Sotomayor, it points out how the media has essentially made this story a low priority news bit, rather than making it into a hysterical national story, the way it would if white men raped a black woman.

“Why are Feminists Ignoring the Violent Gang Rape of Porn Star Cytherea” (Return of Kings).

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Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
The rape actually dates back to Feb. of this year, and as Tommy Sotomayor pointed out the media gave it very little attention, despite Cytherea being a "celebrity" (of sorts). I stumbled onto it by accident watching Tommy's videos. I advise everyone to check him out on Youtube, he somehow finds stories I've never heard of and gives them coverage on his show, he has his peccadillo's but actually has a functioning brain and won't hesitate to call his own people out for their racist behavior.