Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The White Men Running Target Have Gone from Kumbaya Multiculturalism to In-Your-Face Racism

By The Gentle Grizzly

The VDARE article mentions how The Dayton company became Target. Target has been slowly reducing how many whites appear in their display ads, but this is something other chains have done as well, so this is not news.

I was putting up with this because I like a lot of Target's products and my local Target is staffed with good people.

Two weeks ago, I received an email flyer. This time, rather than the usual kum-bai-ah image of whites and blacks together in some activity or another, the picture on page one of the flyer showed a black thug-like character - complete with fashionably slovenly dress - with his arm tightly wrapped around a white girl's shoulders. His expression was one of - being polite here - "she's [with] me, and there's nothing you can do about it, [white person]!"

Within 15 minutes I mailed a letter to their customer relations department, then shredded my Target Card.

N.S.: TV commercials and shows as well (news broadcasts, etc.) have been disappearing white men ever more aggressively. They clearly intend for this to become reality.


Anonymous said...

Target gift cards are given by the City of Chicago in so-called "Gun Buy Back" programs; more free money for Blacks and criminally possessed weapons. I heard today that the city will now only give money for working firearms and not for broken guns, toy guns and air guns. Somehow, a city that is raising property taxes sky high, institutes garbage pickup fees, and demands metered water in order to give $$$ for the giant bloated pensions of retired employees can raise $250,000 to give to Blacks.

"Racial socialism?" Nah. Just the outright stupidity of the voters.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the new star wars movie is a big leftist scenario for the future of Whites. Blacks and other vibrants are in charge. The Whites are long gone. I guess Darth Vadar produce a few of his own besides his adopted son, maybe, Luke Skywalker.

Mark Caplan said...

a black thug-like character - complete with fashionably slovenly dress - with his arm tightly wrapped around a white girl's shoulders.

Why not post the picture?

Stan d Mute said...

This is your doing, you and your Jewish co-conspirators! As evidenced by the comment thread on your piece cross-posted at Unz.

What I don't get is why so many whites choose to believe this. To me, it's pretty clearly the result of Marxist education combined with the daddy issues of a lot of wealthy whites. They hate daddy because he was rich, powerful, and didn't spend any time with them as children. Then teachers taught how evil daddy was as a rich man. So they want now to punish those whites who remind them of daddy. And since they inherited daddy's money (or enough of it so they could get up to mischief all day instead of working), they can impose their mental health problems on the nation.

The Jewish culpability in this is that a Jew concocted the sick ideology and a number of Jews have been adherents in the century since. But to blame "the Jews" for something written by one of them (even if followed by a legion more) is insane. If a Jew had invented a "We Must All Stand on Our Heads" ideology, one wouldn't blame "the Jews" for millions of white people stupid enough to stand on their heads would they?

It's really an outgrowth of the whole victim culture. "It's not our fault we are on the path to self-immolation! The Jews made us do it." That's fundamentally the same thing as the negroes, "Whitey racism made us rape, rob, and murder. It whitey fault we smoke crack and on welfare." As long as these ass-clowns keep blaming "the Jews" we will never hold accountable the people who have enabled this genocidal insanity. Worse still, we will have yet another pogrom of Jews and find ourselves afterwards in as bad or worse shape than now. Try getting that pacemaker installed when Dr Goldfarb has been replaced by Dr Oogabooga.

The stupidity just never ends.

Anonymous said...

WTF are these corporates thinking? If I see anything like that I ll do the same for any product and company pushing something as assinine as what you described.if it s a business decision to tacitly approve black guys and white girls in a relationship--then they ve lost my business.If it s a philosophical approval of behavior that 99% of the time causes the white girl to lose everything from self esteem to her life, then they should be sent a list of all the crimes that blacks have committed on white females, just in the last 5 years...and keep sending them to their corporate headquarters until they say "We give up.., you re right, we re sorry..we were wrong".That s something that should definitely be done.

The Friendly Grizzly said...

To Mark Caplan: If I still had that ad I would send it to Mr. Stix. I delete ad emails after looking at them, but wish I had kept this one.

The ever-present "the Jews did it!" comments at places like Unz, Taki, and the Occidental [fill in the blank] sites bring this reply from me: You comment-makers sound no different from the Negroes constantly sniveling that "de Man be keepin' dah bruthahs and sistahs down!".

I specifically ask the Occidental [fill in the blank] and Taki comment-makers: If a group that is so very small as "the Jews" can wield so much influence over you and can force you to do things, then the question is who indeed IS the master race?

Stan d Mute said...

@Grizzly - Oh no! You've surely been branded a "Jew-lover" like I have been. I'm sure you're equally as torn up about that as I am..

But seriously, it just now occurred to me that many of these fools are probably fervent believers of the fairy tale about the wicked Jews who caused god's only son to be nailed to a log. They probably also hate wolves because some silly girl was waltzing alone through a forest with a basket of goodies for grandma when the big bad wolf accosted her. And then of course another wolf, or perhaps the same big bad fellow, gave a hard time to three innocent little pigs. So those Jews are just like wolves you see. And they're using Jew-magic to make all sorts of white people try to rape, torture, and murder the rest of us by proxy using yet a third group of feral sub-saharans (and/or arabs). Scary!

Now that I've gone down this rabbit hole however... If the Jews are scary and bad because they didn't believe the guy who claimed he was god's only child, what about the baptists, presbyterians, catholics, and methodists who didn't believe that dude who claimed he was god's special envoy in the desert seven hundred years later? Or even that other dude who claimed he was god's most special flower eighteen hundred years later? Or what about the dude I saw downtown last week, he seemed awfully sincere? Just how is one supposed to know which fairy tale to believe? Or who one is supposed to hate fanatically over it? I'm going to have to visit the temple of Athena and offer some live goat sacrifices until an oracle appears with the answers! Hopefully Thor will protect me from that terrible Jew-magic in the meantime. Am I mixing my fairy tales now? I'm so confused. Thankfully Hillary Clinton has all the answers. Or maybe Paul Ryan?