Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Breaking News: Raceless, Faceless, Nameless “Man” Arrested for Slashing/Attempted Murder of Two Detroit EMTs Last Night, but AP/KSN Provide the Names and Faces of the Vics!


War crime victim EMTs Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas. In order to protect the guilty, no mug shot has been released of the war criminal in question. 

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“‘Horrific Injuries: White EMT Chicks’ Faces Don’t Matter: Racist Black, Whose Girlfriend’s Life EMTs were Saving, Tried to Murder Both, Slashing White Female and Hispanic Man, Mutilating White Female’s Face.”]

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

When you read that there were outstanding warrants on the black perp going back to 2006, recall the way New York media operatives treated old warrants on the 1.2 million criminals amnestied by the city: Outrages, in which the name on the warrant was more of a black vic than a perp.

I left the following comment at KSN.

So, you refuse to name or show the suspect, but you give the names and photos of the vics? That makes perfect sense--in your evil world.

Guess what? Your subterfuge tells the reader everything he wanted to know, in spite of your worst efforts.

A special circle of hell awaits you.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

Man arrested in vicious stabbing attack on 2 Detroit EMTs
by Ryan Newton
October 21, 2015 at 8:08 a.m. CDT

DETROIT (AP) — A man has been arrested in the stabbing and slashing of two emergency medical technicians as they tried to help an injured woman on a Detroit street, police said.

The Detroit Police Department announced the man's arrest Tuesday night by members of its Violent Crimes Task Force. Police said the man was also being held on warrants in an inactive 2006 homicide case and a sexual assault case.

Police said they also arrested the woman who the EMTs had been treating. She fled with the man, despite an ankle injury, after the attack early Tuesday. Police and fire officials haven't said how the man and woman are connected.

City officials said EMTs Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas had wounds to their faces and hands from the attack that involved a knife or some other sharp object. [My hunch: a boxcutter.] They were hospitalized in serious condition, but by Wednesday, The Detroit News reported, Adams was in fair condition and Rojas in good condition.

"We will not tolerate such violence in our city," police said in a statement.

[The hell, you won’t!]

Adams and Rojas were treating the woman's injured ankle when they asked the man who was with her to step back and calm down because he seemed agitated, interim Fire Commissioner Eric Jones said. At that point, the man attacked Rojas, Jones said.

Mayor Mike Duggan said Adams probably saved Rojas' life when she intervened and the attacker slashed and stabbed her too.

Jones said the EMTs suffered "horrific" wounds and came "within inches of dying" but managed to drive themselves to a hospital. The union for EMTs in Detroit said both are looking at lengthy recoveries.


Elliot Foley said...

Hi Nicholas

We had another black on white violent crime in Chicago last week at 4am on one of the L platforms. The perp slashed the face of a white woman and stole her cellphone. Both news organizations of course left out names and race (it must have been black in origin sounding), but at least CBS local included the video showing both the perp and victim. A third, WGN showed a video but blurred out the victim and perp's faces.

Strangely, the Tribune left their comment section up, while CBS local shut it down on the spot.

A later follow up story revealed his first name was Cassus. Amazingly, he is being held on a $950,000 bond. Go figure.

PS The young Philip Chism's (14 yr old black student who raped, murdered, and sexually mutilated his white teacher, Colleen Ritzer)lawyer is laying the grounds for an insanity plea. He suddenly has begun hearing voices in his head...

Anonymous said...

Mugshots are now on the endangered list in my area of Michigan.They re not allowed on Google search, TV stations don t show them.I hear there are lawsuits pending over the freedom to post mugshots.Since most are black, this must be more liberal legal maneuvering to silence the only way to show how much black crime there really is.If no one can see their faces, they must not be committing crimes, must be their strategy.Brilliant.