Friday, October 23, 2015

Explaining the Pollaganda that Shows Carson Leading Trump



By Nicholas Stix

Other possible explanations:

• Voters have given in to the relentless, anti-Trump propaganda; or

• The pollsters are lying.


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Anonymous said...

I really can t comprehend how a state like Iowa could give Carson anymore than 2%.Maybe Dr Oz will be his vice president.Or if he s not available, Carsons assistant anesthesiologist...or the hospital chief janitor.What could Iowa possibly relate to with Carson.Haven t we had our token black president and learned a lesson about it? Or do Republicans have that reverse racism syndrome hanging over their heads.The problem for Republicans is that they need a lot of white people to come out in droves to make sure Clinton (assuming no FBI charges) doesn t win.But she will get a lot of white women votes and therefore make it demographically impossible for Trump or anyone else to win.The GOP better get this email probe moving or they are done.They d have a better chance putting Carly Fiorina against Clinton...but Carson? Insanity?or white guilt (same thing).