Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dawkins and Stix on Twitter

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Anonymous said...

Intellect is dead--just look at the worlds governments...and TV shows.
As examples:Blacks are 12% of the US population.Watching the CBS morning shows Lets Make a Deal and Price is d think it was 112%.Wayne Brady picks tons of his fellow blacks(at least 50%)Same on Price is Right.Really hate watching those shows now.The big experiment of having two nigs host "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"destroyed THAT show.But the execs never learn.
Then there s advertising for "The Talk".Why would ANYONE watch that garbage with a huge bigmouthed fat black thing cohosting.She makes Sherry Shephard look anorexic.They think they re funny when they do that black thang schtick.
Now there s a new show-"Supergirl" that according to USA Today has a BLACK Jimmy Olson--which, of course, Supergirl has a crush on.More interracial pushing on a show geared for young girls.
Then in politics, Ben Carson is leading giddily reported by Lester Holt on the Negro Broadcast Company.The only thing less likely than Trump winning this year would be Carson.Are Dems crossing over or pretending they re Repubs to push a Carson candidacy? I see one of the Koch brothers said he doesn t want ANY of them.
Exactly.Who wants Carson???? What REAL republican would vote for Carson??? At any time for any office? We are in bizarre times.