Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The New German Catastrophe




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Anonymous said...

There are reasons why people live in different countries.There are reasons people live in different areas of a city.The reasons are many.Some groups of people just don t get along with others.Culturally, intellectually and artistically unevolved, they cannot function with the majority.But rather than being in a constant state of war, new boundries are formed either legally or by understanding.These boundries are then protected from incursions.Syrians, Iraqi, Iranians all have multiple groups in constant religious and political turmoil (war).If that s not enough, there are Palestinians and Israelis who want to fight for territories each claim as their own.That these groups fight each other in their own countries is bad enough.What is worse is letting the intolerant citizenry of these Middle East lands into a country they have very little chance of assimilating with.So shortly after finding things not up to their ideals from a Muslim viewpoint, disdain and violence against the new country will be an easy next step.Of course only the most heinous crimes will become known, as they are in the US. The underlying corrosive effect of allowing immigrants and refugees into these countries will be known only to the people living with them.Blacks and Mexicans quietly destroy the morale of the neighborhoods they begin to move into with undetected and unreported criminal activity.That s how they take control.The same will happen wherever illegal immigrants are allowed to stay