Wednesday, October 21, 2015

“Horrific Injuries”: White EMT Chicks’ Faces Don’t Matter: Racist Black, Whose Girlfriend’s Life EMTs were Saving, Tried to Murder Both, Slashing White Female and Hispanic Man, Mutilating White Female’s Face


Why is the perp white? Because all violent perps are white males!

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Racist black attacks on white EMTs are not limited to Detroit. They are being carried out all over the country, including places like 7.7% black Seattle.

October 21, 2015, 8:38 a.m.

Say Nice Things About Detroit: EMT Workers Stabbed, Slashed in Face During Rescue

By Debbie Schlussel

There were no “EMT’s Lives Matter” rallies and riots for Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas. But say a prayer for them anyway. They were the White female and Hispanic male Emergency Medical Technicians stabbed and slashed in the face with a box cutter while working on a woman during an emergency in front of a homeless shelter in one of Detroit’s worst areas.

The man who stabbed Rojas and seriously slashed Adams’ face, scarring her for life, is apparently Black, though you won’t see that in any media reports, so far. He’s also wanted for murder and a suspect in a criminal sexual conduct case. He is the boyfriend of the woman the EMTs were helping.

While, nationwide, you still see Blacks and their White far-left accomplices marching in the streets about killings by police (even though more Whites are accidentally or wrongfully shot by police than Blacks, and many of the shootings of Blacks–like that of Michael Brown–are NOT accidental or wrongful), this is what really happens in the wildings of America’s inner cities, not just in Detroit (though it is definitely worse in the Motor City).

So, say a prayer for Adams and Rojas, whose only “crime” was doing a thankless job trying to help those in the worst trouble in a failed city “run” by those who keep telling us that Black lives matter but don’t seem to want to walk the walk of that empty talk.

Who will pay for the plastic surgery to repair the damage done to Adams’ face? White EMT chicks’ faces don’t matter.

Or at least you’ll never ever see mass protests (or even anemic protests) about it. That would be “RAAAAYCIST!

The incident happened around 12:30 a.m. in front of a homeless shelter on 3rd St. near MLK and the Lodge. Investigators say Medic 6 was working on an injured woman when a man became agitated and attacked them with a knife. We’re told both workers identified as Kelly Adams and Alfredo Rojas were stabbed and slashed several times. The woman was also taken into custody tonight. Sources say she is the man’s girlfriend and was also the person who called 911 seeking help.

The EMS workers drove themselves to Detroit Receiving Hospital in their ambulance. Interim Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones says their injuries will require surgery. “The scene inside the rig was horrific. Their injuries were horrific,” said Jones. Jones said he would be meeting with Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig today to discuss defensive training for first responders.

This attack is the latest incident involving medical personnel in the city.

Why do emergency medical workers, who save the lives of many–mostly Black–Detroiters, need to take defensive training classes and carry guns?

Because their lives don’t matter. Clearly.

Say Nice Things About Detroit.


Anonymous said...

It s obvious that in some areas of some cities, EMTs need police to be involved as backup for some of these situations in ghetto locations.A drug overdose is a crime and police should be involved.Domestic assault the same.There are times and places that dispatchers should have the option of requesting police be at a residence when an ambulance is requested to make sure of EMT safety.Hopefully this is done in those occasions already.I know in my area of Michigan, fireman are the first on scene before the ambulance arrives.In any case, this is unacceptable behavior for anyone, even lowlifes like ghetto blacks. THEY should know better as well---but as in other situations-fail to comprehend simple rules of a civilized society.

Stan d Mute said...

I have to wonder, why don't the cops and EMTs and firefighters just refuse to enter these African villages? Unless they roll in like a military armor division, in tanks and wearing body armor, why do it? How different is it really from the politicians throwing open the borders to "refugees" in Germany? The EMTs and cops risk their own lives to be sure, but the politicians risk the lives of friends, neighbors, and their own children. To say, "it's my job and therefore I must go" doesn't hold water. If you were offered a job feeding feral lions raw meat bare handed and with no refuge, you'd refuse. But these guys (and gals) take these jobs knowing they'll be entering the domain of feral negroes. Why?