Thursday, October 22, 2015

Joe Biden Couldn’t Run, Because He No Longer Had a National Constituency—How the Democratic Party Betrayed White, Working-Class Catholics


JFK Inaugural: "The torch has been passed"

By Nicholas Stix



David In TN said...

You could look at it this way. First, James Webb, of the Scots-Irish Protestant working class, drops out. Second, Joseph Biden, Irish Catholic, can't mount a campaign because he has no constituency.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Any White person who votes for Democrats might as well blow their own brains out. How much more Anti-White can these people get? How many threats of murder and rape can someone take before it becomes obvious that this is just a giant gang of thugs looking to steal your shit because they only care about themselves? These pretensions of poverty by Hillary are just bizarre. She went to an Ivy League school, married a Governor who became President and lived for eight years in the White House, but she's just a poor little rich girl? Yeah OK Bitchy Bitch. Uncle Scrooge says you suck and are lazy because he worked for his three cubic acres of cash!

Anonymous said...

But are there enough white people who feel compelled to vote Republican? Most white women will vote for Clinton, just as the nigs got out to vote for Obama.It just doesn t look doable...un
ess she s indicted for hiding evidence.What are the odds of that?