Saturday, October 03, 2015

Suspected Racist Serial Killer Jesse Matthew Jr. Sentenced to Three Consecutive Life Terms for Rape and Attempted Capital Murder of Raceless Woman in 2005

By David in TN

Omegacron • a day ago

Seriously, what's the point of THREE life sentences? Just make it LIFE - you stay in jail until you die. period.

waitlisted_vet to Omegacron • a day ago

Three is worse than two, but not as bad as four life sentences, I'm guessing.

N.S.: I believe there are two possible explanations to this: 1. Worthless symbolism; and 2. Worthless reinforcement. The first is a waste of time, while the second is theoretically significant, based on the belief that if the perp is only sentenced to one life term, he can get it commuted, while three life terms offer more security, in terms of justice. Unfortunately, an anti-justice governor can commute three life sentences as easily as he can one.

The 2005 vic was an Asian woman who had since returned to her home country, but who came back, just to testify at Matthew's trial.

At ABC13.

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