Monday, October 03, 2016

This Presidential Campaign’s Most Important Video, on How Important This Election is; It’s Really Important! (and Funny!)


Anonymous said...

I can't watch THIS video,because I watched the Mets vid--which you said,was the most important,lol.
I'm just kidding...It's all good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't really sure what category to put this one under...Kardashian robbed!!!
The story is Kim Kardashian gets robbed in Paris,at gunpoint,by 5 men in police uniforms.
Suspiciously like Ryan Lochte?
Let's not take this as fact yet.First,she's married to a low class black.Second,she's a low class white--MARRIED to a low class black.
Why not try a scam?That's what couples like this do all over the country.The fact that they're(supposedly)rich means nothing.A $10 million claim to an insurance company--with 6 guys hired to perpetrate such a plan,would not surprise me one iota.
Let's see how this plays out,shall we?
--GR Anonymous