Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do You Know Who the Gentry Family and Kristen Warneke were? Why Not?!

By Nicholas Stix

The following are five names that every American adult should know:

• Edward Earl Gentry Sr.;
• Edward “Eddie” Earl Gentry Jr.;
• Eddie’s wife, Pam;
• Eddie and Pam’s son, Jeremy; and
• Jeremy’s girlfriend, Kristen Warneke.

I’ll bet, however, that fewer than one in 100 Americans has heard of them. To find out why, read my exposé, which was published only one hour ago.


Eileen said...

Thanks for the VDare article.

No, I hadn't heard of the Gentrys/Kristen Warneke. :-/ I wonder when the good people of America will ever wake up and just get rid of all the political correctness in our society, starting with the MSM?! I have hopes that this process is starting ... slowly ... but it ain't moving fast enough for me!

Thanks for your tireless efforts!

mikej said...

Thanks for your courageous reporting. The gag order implies that our worst fears about the fates of the Gentrys and Kristen Warneke are true, I'm afraid.

On the matter of hate crime charges, hate crime laws usually involve sentence enhancements, and don't apply to capital crimes. At least, that's the way the hate crime laws work in Texas and Arizona. (The Arkansas Code is offline.) A murder committed in the course of another felony is usual a capital crime. Of course, most MSM reports don't use the phrase "hate crime" in a strict legal sense, for purposes of disinformation, I expect.

The phrase "no-knock warrant" sometimes appears in MSM reports, even though the manner of service is usually left to the discretion of the officers serving a warrant. Nothing in the warrant says anything about knocking or not; it's up to the cops. At least, that's the way it works in the federal system and in Texas. I believe that the phrase is an evasion of responsibility rather like, "It got a little drunk out last night."