Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CNN Personality Soledad O’Brien Wins Prestigious Journalism Award

By Nicholas Stix

My VDARE.com colleague Joe Guzzardi has bestowed one of the most important awards in the journalism business on CNN’s Soledad O’Brien: VDARE.COM's Seventh Annual Worst Immigration Reporting Award.

This was the first time that Joe has ever given the notorious award to a TV “journalist,” but I suspect that it won’t be the last.

The VDAWIR Award is not the first journalism award that O’Brien has won, but it may be the first one that she ever earned. O’Brien was an inspired choice, and Guzzardi gave her a perfect reaming.

O’Brien, who is reportedly half Cuban black, half Australian Irish, has gathered many boring conventional awards, including one named after herself: the “Soledad O'Brien Freedom's Voice Award” from the Morehouse School of Medicine for being a “catalyst for social change”.

But, because the competition is stiffer, ours is harder to win—and therefore more prestigious.

I note that the “O’Brien Award” given to O’Brien is significant because, as you will soon learn, she’s in love with herself.

O’Brien has also been included twice in Irish America Magazine’s list of top 100 Irish Americans—as well as on Black Enterprise’s hottest list!

Newsweek featured O’Brien on a cover story and named her as one of the 15 People Who Make America Great”.

Therein lies the secret of O’Brien’s success. No matter what the assignment O’Brien, ethnically speaking, is the right reporter for the job.

When CNN wants a black to interview Michelle Obama, the Hurricane Katrina displaced, or Haiti’s victims, there’s O’Brien posing as a black. (See O’Brien with Obama, her “passion for justice” for New Orleans’ residents displaced by Katrina and the Haitian orphan victims here, here and here. More evidence: in this interview discussing another of her documentaries, Black in America, O’Brien identifies herself as black.)

However, if CNN decides that it would be a good idea to run a documentary about being Latino in America”, they can call on O’Brien, (a self described Latina….

When a highfalutin’ organization needs an ethnically all-purpose speaker, O’Brien is their girl. Her appointment calendar is booked solid because she’s everything all rolled up into one: female, African-American, Hispanic and Irish….

…a little biographical information will help you understand why my choice is an easy one.

O’Brien never misses a chance to literally cash in by referring to herself by her complete name, María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien.

Although she doesn’t speak Spanish, this gives O’Brien an excellent opportunity to define herself as a multicultural maven who’s perfect for CNN or any other mainstream media outlet. Maybe if she looks back far enough in her genealogical tree, she’ll find Asian ancestors!

Against all evidence, O’Brien stretches to make a point of her black/Latina roots. In an interview for her official CNN biography, O’Brien states that she has: “a mass of kinky hair, light brown skin and lots of freckles.”

Photographs of O’Brien do not support her claim. In this ethnically ambiguous photo I see a traditional hairstyle, no freckles and either light brown skin or too much make up.

Now to my topic: During her seven year CNN career and before that at NBC, O’Brien has been consistently terrible on immigration and race.

What iced our award for O’Brien is her two-part documentary, Latino in America, which bombed in the ratings and had the curious effect of angering everyone including some Latinos. Her 2007 documentary, Black in America, also raised the ire of many blacks.

Defending Latino in America, O’Brien tries to make the case that she represents a “voice for the voiceless.”

This position is patently absurd. Anyone who follows immigration knows that immigration reform patriots are the voiceless ones, to the point that the media regularly censors us.

Read the whole thing.

This woman is emblematic of everything that is wrong with journalism and, indeed, America today. This moronic, demanding, racist newsroom enforcer and unelected political officer is the quintessential affirmative action baby. She has, to my knowledge, never broken a legitimate story, and is the female version of what “Joseph Kay” calls “the black empty suit,” a person of no talent or accomplishment, on whom through affirmative action high-profile jobs, prestigious- sounding awards, and staggering fortunes are lavished, based on her identity and politics. However, O’Brien is not empty: Like her fellow anti-white AA hires, she can be relied on to fraudulently spin cover every story she covers.

During the post-Katrina anarchy, O’Brien showed her empathy for black criminals in New Orleans, and while covering the 2007 march of illegal human beings, where she spoke of “countries” such as “Honduras and Puerto Rico,” and of illegal immigrants (I don’t recall her euphemism of choice) from Puerto Rico, she displayed her intelligence.

Even O’Brien’s supposed constituents ignore her. Her CNN show had such low ratings that the channel gave her time slot to Kiran Chetry and, as Guzzardi pointed out, no one watched her Latin in America shtick.

And as far as her being “African-American,” she’s light, bright, and damned near white. I can’t believe that she would have the cheek to even lie about her hair, which is lovely, thick, and straight.

As Joe suggested, she may only be passing for black—not to mention, Hispanic, Irish, and a journalist—but O’Brien is a black supremacist. I just found a Republican report of her “gushing” over a racist speech—if you’ll pardon the redundancy—by Jeremiah Wright, and even rationalizing his “Goddamn Ameri-KKK-a” speech. (To critics who may argue that O’Brien’s positions are borne of opportunism, not conviction, I say: What is the moral conviction behind black supremacy? Moral convictions aside, I leave it to the reader to decide whether black supremacy out of passion or calculation is worse.)

Although we in the Stix household only occasionally catch Jeopardy these days, we did see the celebrity edition that Guzzardi cited. Middle-aged, white actor Michael McKee, whose face is as ubiquitous as his name is hard to place, blew away Alcindor/Jabbar and O’Brien. The old hoops star barely beat out O’Brien, but that was because in the middle or late in the game, he gambled everything on a Daily Double that he answered wrong. However, he proved himself staggeringly more intelligent and better-informed than O’Brien, who took no chances, and only distinguished herself on the topic of People magazine, which is apparently her favorite publication. (Unlike O’Brien, Alcindor had a legitimate academic career as a history major at UCLA.)

Speaking of O’Brien’s erudition, I saw her last February on “Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull,” a talk show hosted by comely, white, alleged journalist, Campbell Brown. O’Brien and fellow CNN black supremacist Roland Martin were helping out their fellow black supremacist, the extortionist and inciter of mass murder, Al Sharpton, who had attacked the New York Post on the imaginary grounds that it had published a “racist” political cartoon by Sean Delonas.

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O’Brien, for whom last week constitutes ancient history, shouted, “We know our history!,” Martin repeated her line, and Brown kowtowed to each three times.

As Joe notes, by way of hyperlink, O’Brien is not only a fraud as a journalist, but even her reputation as a nice person is a sham.

She’s actually a dog-hater.

There you have it: The face of contemporary, post-American “journalism” is María de la Soledad Teresa O'Brien.


Christopher said...

You might want to look at Joe's article again in it's current form.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm flattered. Besides, I'm an obsessive reviser, myself.

Anonymous said...

What's worse than a black supremacist? A jew supremacist.

Anonymous said...

I watched Soledad interview Rep. Braun. She behaved incredibly biased and carried on like a nervous, irritated Chihuahua barely unable to contain herself and her biased unprofessional behavior while Rep. Braun calmly answered her rude questioning. I used to think CNN was a unbiased news organization. I know better now.

Anonymous said...

Correction to Soledad interview. Was actually Rep. Broun, not Braun as I stated earlier.

Anonymous said...

Soledad O'Brien is perhaps THE WORST 'journalist' on television.
As someone with a journalism degree- I know of what I speak.

She is completely partial to her own agenda of 'being black' that she wears on her sleeve for the world to see.
She 'investigated' and hosted a show last summer about the (black) man who was convicted of the Atlanta murders back in the early 80's. I kept waiting for some new, or groundbreaking information...to no avail. This was the most boring, non news segment that I have ever seen.

Additionally, I was both embarassed for her and angry that she calls herself a journalist, as I watched her fill in for Anderson Cooper last night on his 360 show.
Anderson Cooper does what all respectable journalists should do- impartially presents both sides of an issue. He often calls out inconsistencies or facts that simply aren't true, but does so in a calm, respectful manner towards his guests.
Ms. O'Brien has no such professionalism. She scoffed at several of her guests last night, who clearly didn't agree with her 'pro black' agenda. In fact, she pretty much laughed at guests' comments and made some sort of condescending remark about what they said before every commercial break.
Soldedad O'Brien is a pathetic excuse for a journalist. She has a very clear personal agenda that she pushes every chance she gets, under the guise of 'reporting.'
We all know what you are up to
Ms. O'Brien. Please quit calling yourself a journalist. You are not only partial in your reporting, you are rude and extremely condescending to those that do not share your viewpoints.