Saturday, November 04, 2006

The State of White America: A Major New Study on American Race and Ethnic Relations

By Nicholas Stix

Every day one reads about some new racist abomination – the lynching (aka fatal, “botched robbery”) of a white, the black race hoax du jour, the creeping Hispanic reconquest, the arrest (see also here and here) or threatened arrest, and violation of the constitutional rights of someone who has broken no laws, but who has violated multiculturalism’s racial and ethnic dogmas – but long for some sweeping, scientific and philosophic overview of what is destroying America, one town, one classroom, one workplace at a time. Your wait is over.

Any day now will see the publication of the report, The State of White America, by the National Policy Institute. Yours truly had the honor and the privilege of serving as the study’s editor, and with Edwin S. Rubenstein and Robert J. Stove, as one of its authors.

Indianapolis-based statistician Edwin S. Rubenstein is one of the top quantitative social researchers working in the U.S. today. It was his research which provided the empirical basis for Pat Buchanan’s new bestseller, State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America. Rubenstein, a columnist at VDARE, the premier source for information, analysis, and commentary on America’s ongoing immigration disaster, heads up ESR Research Economic Consultants.

Melbourne-based historian Robert J. Stove is the author of elegant essays and erudite historical studies alike. His first book was the acclaimed biography of sixteenth-century composer Palestrina, Prince of Music. Stove’s most recent work is the alternately chilling and entertaining, The Unsleeping Eye: Secret Police and Their Victims. Stove is a contributing editor at The American Conservative, and a frequent contributor to, among other periodicals, Chronicles, The New Criterion, and National Observer.

“SOWA” will honestly answer the following questions and more, cutting through the MSM’s lies, spin, and newspeak:

What is the single most important indice in predicting the quality of a school district?

What is the daily reality of urban public schools like?

How has the American workplace changed over the past 50 years?

What is the reality behind charges of “racial profiling”?

What really happened in New Orleans, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina?

How goes it with those “family values” that President Bush insists “don’t stop at the Rio Grande”?

How many Hispanic immigrants really are assimilating into American society, and how many are insisting that American society assimilate to their subculture?

What are the names of the terrorist organizations that arguably have wreaked more havoc on American society than Al Qaeda, and which the MSM refuses to honestly report on?

SOWA unflinchingly answers these questions and many more!

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