Saturday, August 12, 2017

The U.S. Census Bureau Has a Dream for America: Does It Make Room for You? A Photoessay

By Nicholas Stix

Look at the photos that follow.











About half an hour ago, I down, and then uploaded every image I could find from the Census Bureau, via Google Images. I did not cherry pick.

The Census Bureau is supposed to be in the business of precisely calculating the actual demographics of American citizens. Yes, citizens.

Because the Census determines congressional districting, which may not include non-citizens, as opposed to eligible voters, the Census is not supposed to count non-citizens. And yet, it does. By counting citizen and non-citizen alike as “residents,” the Census Bureau has for years imposed its own stealth amnesty on the American people.

In the photo array above, the Census Bureau showed that it plans on turning America into the same country envisioned by Madison Avenue—one in which white men, and thus the white race, are nearly invisible.

This is not census-taking, but census-making.


Anonymous said...

All the ads and billboards for institutions of higher learning are all the same. And overabundance of minorities and people of color what they are called shown. A preponderance not even in accord with what the actual percentages are.

Anonymous said...

As has been said, "No school for White Men."

top_cat_james said...

What happened to "How many bathrooms do you have?"?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point and one that should cause outrage. This "white washing" of America has been going on far to long and as you know, has been taught to our kids, as a goal for the liberal utopian dream. Why cant the good for nothing Republicans pass a bill demanding "diversity" and "inclusion", to force Colleges to have Conservative Professors
instead of the 5% or so they have now? It would help dilute this white washing mentality, and perhaps bring back some badly needed Patriotism.

Anna Semedo said...

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Anna Semedo said...

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Tolerant Regards,
Daniela the Jewish who supports the a Palestinian State