Sunday, August 06, 2017

Racist, Sexist Lawyer Lisa Bloom: Whites Have No Civil Rights!

By Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

Lisa Bloom is the daughter of the famous attorney Gloria Allred? Gloria a gadfly and her lawyer daughter also the same?

Lisa is right. Whitey has no federal civil right protection [they may have some under various state laws?]. Those Civil Rights actions of the 1960's were designed to protect "minorities" and not whitey. So the courts have seemed to rule too.

White people out there, do you understand this? You are a second-class citizen!

Anonymous said...

this stupid bitch doesn't even know what civil rights are. They are your constitutional rights, the first to the tenth. Every American citizen has the exact same civil rights. affirmative action, abortion, black homo women's rights are not civil rights. they are benefits the federal government has decided to give to special groups. They also violate the people who are not in these special groups real civil rights.