Friday, August 11, 2017

Microsoft Billionaire Steve Ballmer is Obituary Shopping; He Has Decided to Give Millions of Dollars to Colored Criminals



By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Ex-Microsoft CEO Ballmer to open foundation in Detroit

Ballmer, a Detroit native, is looking for an executive director to run his foundation’s Detroit office

The Ballmers, who Forbes estimates are worth $32.4 billion, had focused their initial efforts in Washington state and Los Angeles County. But they are now adding Detroit, which has the worst poverty rate in the country and which fits their description of …

More $$$$ for the Negroes.

At the Detroit News.


Anonymous said...

Does Steve ever go back to visit the old neighborhood? Probably would not. And if he did with a large retinue of armed bodyguards.

He will calmly observe from afar.

Anonymous said...

Steve can claim to be Jewish [through his mother]. The Jewish Detroit Purple Gang ran the city in the Prohibition era. Perhaps Steve wants to atone for some sort of tribal guilt.

Anonymous said...

A transfer of wealth.

Anonymous said...
Breaking news from ZH.