Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Harris County, Texas: In “major auto theft operation,” 9 Hispanics Stole 29 Vehicles and Sold Them Online to Hispanic “Immigrants”

By A Texas Reader



Anonymous said...

Illegals selling to other illegals. Their own business selling to their own people. This is how we do it in the old country.

jeigheff said...

A Mexican lawnmower thief did the same thing in our Austin, Texas neighborhood last year about this time. He struck more than once, seeking targets of opportunity.

According to an account I read on Nextdoor, the guy was eventually caught and confronted by an angry homeowner who was fed up with the thief's shit and wouldn't allow his own lawnmower to be stolen. The homeowner confiscated the thief's gas can out of the back of the thief's pickup truck as "compensation", a mild punishment indeed. The thief drove away in fear. I have no idea if the guy ever returned.