Thursday, August 10, 2017

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Releases Details of Her Phony Crime Plan, Including “Free” City Community College that Will Cost Law-Abiding White Taxpayers Zillions

By “W”

“Invest,” “opportunity,” “violence reduction”…. B.S.

At CBS Baltimore.

N.S.: The only thing the fake “crime plans” these days reduce is the standard of living of the whites forced to pay for them. If every government program exists solely to steal from law-abiding, hard-working whites, and stuff the pockets of racist, black crooks, then just skip all the “crime plans” and let whites keep those few pennies.


Anonymous said...

Another black on black murder last night in GR.Not on my side of town for a change.No suspects,no witnesses."Black mob" hit as the ghetto-dweller sat in his car.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...
I'll give you another one.In Newaygo,a white man is charged with dismembering a black guys body after shooting him during an argument over a car stereo installation.From what I've heard,the white guy(Anthony Blamer) was going to/or did the job and the black guy(D'Anthony Keenan) wouldn't pay the amount agreed to.An argument ensued and the white guy shot the blackie dead.He then dismembered and buried the body.What he HASN'T been charged with yet is murder.He claims self-defense at this time.
What this link is about,is the mother of the white man and her family(including the 4 year old grandson) are being threatened with head amputation and death on Facebook,as revenge for the black guys death.In the TV report,she is basically begging for her life.
--GR Anonymous