Saturday, April 08, 2017

Texas: Mass Murder-Suicide

By A Texas Reader


4 dead in apparent murder-suicide in Houston, Ft. Bend Co.

At least four people are dead after a murder-suicide spree across two Houston-area communities.

ATR: She's so smart she has a ghetto tattoo on her neck.

N.S.: We constantly hear of “gun violence” nowadays, but we had hundreds of millions of guns, when the country was 88% white, yet we had so few mass and serial murders then that they were real news, and people wrote bestsellers and made big-deal movies about them (In Cold Blood).

Now that the country is less than 70% white, we have constant mass and serial murders—the majority of which are committed by non-whites.

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Anonymous said...

"Dekitta Holmes was a mother of two, described by friends as smart and devoted to her children."
Lol.I know everyone lies and forgets about a deceased persons faults and invents good traits for the press (who wouldn't print the truth anyways),but this is ridiculous.
Smart,educated???Uh huh.Why even print something that ludicrous.Besides that,it's an oxymoron.
Smart black person.
I'll revise the news story to give it some honesty.
"DeKitta Holmes,flipped her black a** for the umpteenth time,but instead of her usual drug induced fit,got hold of a gun this time and killed 3 others,before showing her true genius and blowing her own barely functioning brains out.A GoFundme page will be set up by con artists to profit from this crime."
"Some of her constant insanity was thought to be traced to the fact that she couldn't explain what her first name meant AND that she was unable to spell it.
"Neighborhood thugs,talking with us afterwards,said"She was a good woman.I loved her like a sister.What was her name again?"
Other close friends asked "do I have to give back the stuff dat I stole from her?I shouldn't haff to--right?"
Holmes was called "smart",by the press,but when we went back to the black ho who said it,she was angry.
"I said she was smart like my butt!!!Dey took the last part out."
Houston,we have a problem...too many blacks.
--GR Anonymous