Saturday, April 08, 2017

“No Matter the Race”: Check Out Black America’s Newest, Half-Baked Hate Crime Hoax, Hot Out of the Oven! (Colin Flaherty Video)

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In Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina, a black man burned a store owned by a South Asian man, leaving behind a transparently fake “hate crime” letter, signed “White America.”

The entire letter follows below.

Business Owner

Our newly elected President Donald Trump is our nation builder for white America. You all know that, we want our country back on the right track. We need to get rid of Muslims, Indians and all the immigrants. Specially, we don’t want business run by refugees and immigrant any more.

We are ready to wake up some of our greatest including North Carolina and we will take care of the country. Immigrants and refugee are taking our job, doing business and leaving us standard. So, you are not allowed to do business any more.

We know you are one and many other immigrant doing business here.[BR]
Leave the business and go back where you come from.[BR]

If you don’t follow this warning then we are not responsible for the torture starting now.

God Bless America…………
                                                                White America

The first time I saw such a transparent hoax in writing, was in 1992. I was the token white in an otherwise all-black, private agency adoption unit with, if memory serves, four young black females and a Haitian, female supervisor.

Someone left a photocopy of a hoax on my desk. The anonymous author claimed that a black jail inmate in Chicago had found a photocopied sheet with KKK propaganda left in his cell by a white supremacist jail guard, and then reprinted the “KKK propaganda,” which had obviously been written by the same black who’d written the intro.

The style of illiteracy, lies, etc., was black.

Like I always say, the First Law of Lying is plausibility, but black supremacists have never been noted for their intelligence.

By the way, not even white supremacists express the sort of hatred for South Asians that black supremacists routinely do, and the demand that people of other races surrender their businesses is typical of black supremacists.

HOAX ! Black person sets fire and pretends it comes from white supremacist Trump supporter


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Anonymous said...

Bad grammar, misspellings, child-like scrawl. Right. Written by a black to fool whitey. ONLY make fools of themselves.

So dumb they do not even realized how easily they are unmasked in the process.