Thursday, August 04, 2016

A Negro Man Who Admitted to Four Rapes and Sexual Assaults Faces 40 Years in Prison When He's Sentenced in September, According to a Statement from Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's Office

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat



Anonymous said...

I didn't know too much about David Horowitz until C-span had him on at 100am Friday morning,promoting his new book,"Progressive Racism".First I'll summarize what he had to say and then I'll ask you what you think of him.
He started out by talking about slavery,saying"Slavery abounded in Africa for 2000 years.It wasn't racial,it was what people do when they conquer someone else.They make them slaves".
He then talked about the 1960s when he said,because he was raised a communist (progressive),he started raising money for the Black Panthers.He said he was wrong about them being revolutionists (no kidding),they were gang members.His eyes were opened.
Now he thinks the Democrats are to blame for the ghettos in cities like Baltimore,Chicago etc.,that liberals are bigots--"who only care about drugs,sex and spending other people's money",,which,I've heard before,concerning Europe.
He then moved to BLM--"a roving lynch mob.Punishment before a trial.Killing police-an example of that.They are supported by Obama-who is racist".Obama's most influential advisor is Al Sharpton,"a racial arsonist-involved in the burning of Freddie's Mart years ago,by inciting it on his radio show.Seven dead in that incident".
He feels blacks think they're innocent of ANY crime,no matter what and that whites are thought of as guilty by blacks--no matter what.This is a belief of BLM and they are endorsed by the Democratic Party.He finished by saying liberals (or progressives or neo-communists)hate the United States and that's why they are trying to destroy it.(is it because that faction hates capitalism or white people?Why would you hate your own race?Or does politics trump race in their view?)
Saul Allinsky was brought up in the Q and A and linked as an influence to Obama (and of course Clinton).
I've never understood why this obvious plot to destroy the US was happening and it finally clicked in my head:These people,like Obama and Clinton hate the US.They hate white people and want to destroy it from within--as leaders of a NeoCommunist faction.I still don't understand the upside of turning this country into a wasteland of ghetto and slum,though,although I'm guessing,it's to CONTINUE the 1% domination by people like Soros and wannabe Soros's (Clintons)-which contradict their stated goals.
To me,Horowitz seems like a Jekyll/Hyde from his early life to late.Do you think he's sincere in his beliefs now? (By the way--he loves Trump).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well,get ready for some classic Lester Holt tonight as Chicago Police released bodycam and dashcam video of black thug Paul Oneal trying to elude police in a stolen car.The Chicago Tribune has the video on its website--and all I can say--that with all these incidents--the blacks will not give up.They steal cars,they run,some have guns,some try to steal policemens guns,but they NEVER stop and go quietly.
Lawsuits already filed in this one,but no video exists of the actual shooting.One thing I DO know--I wouldn't want the job of policing these cities for $200,000 a year.Anyways,I'll bet an imaginary $20,Holt leads with this tonight.
-GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Notice in his mugshot he's tilting his head back to appear to be looking down on his "oppressors" with contempt. Any moment he will break into a "rap" about how 400 years oppression brought him to this point, not his own personal choices. After all if those white bitches would just give it up to him then he wouldn't have to rape them, or have to settle for raping black bitches, if those were his victims. jerry pdx

Anonymous said...

Not counting the Olympic Promo,it WAS the first story...with video I didn't see on the Trib website.Lesta never disappoints.Lots of convo from ONeals sister...who said,"He had GOALS",lol.
The family attorney declared the cops guilty.
No comment from police allowed.
--GR Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I love that we're reclaiming the word "negro." If people as devoid of moral authority and essential legitimacy as Barack Obama and his acolytes are determined to live in the 60s (minus the great music and the general sense of hope that permeated society at the time), then we certainly can too.

Negro, negro, negro, negro. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are great, but your deliberate avoidance of recognized conventions of punctuation makes it painful to read them. It's like listening to an accomplished musician playing a cheap guitar from Wal-Mart with a couple broken strings.

Get a grip people! said...

Brock Turner for $400 Alex...or should I say privileged white teenage sexual deviant with only a six month sentence...oh I forgot the important word....white...or should I say hunky.... hunky, hunky, hunky. I like it. Welcome back Caucasian meatheads. I like it a lot! It's so fetch!