Thursday, October 15, 2015

What is Wikipedia?



Co-founder Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales: Wikipedia is a cash cow for him

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, by this writer:

American Renaissance Exposé on Wikipedia.”]

By Nicholas Stix

I wrote the final paragraph on this page several years ago at The Pretend Encyclopedia, as something of a love letter to Wikithugs who were stalking me, and vandalizing my every edit. I just stumbled upon it, quoted by one of my good friends there, the stalker-vandal-Marxist enforcer “Will Beback,” alias User2004, et al., real name Will McWhinney Jr.

McWhinney would periodically change his name, to throw off the many people he’d screwed over. He was permablocked in early 2014 from Wikipedia, but his comrades succeeded in getting him reinstated, early this year. However, he has either ceased engaging in mischief at The Pretend Encyclopedia, or is using a new front.

Wikipedia is a false flag operation designed to spread leftwing lies among readers who know nothing of your agenda, while at the same time suckering real encyclopedists into it and seeking to waste their time and exhaust their energy, and stalk, censor, and intimidate them. In other words, it's a mirror of the humanities and social sciences in today’s university.

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