Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cleveland: Yet Another Suspected Black Serial Killer Has Just been Arrested! He was Already Convicted of One Slaying in 1997


October 2015 mug shot of suspected serial killer Robert Rembert

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Thanks to Jerry PDX, who writes,
Yes another black serial killer just arrested! His name is Robert Rembert. Sometimes I think we've just got to have a run of white serial killers to balance things out a little, but nearly every report of a new one caught is another black man. This guy was a truck driver, whenever that is associated with a serial killer or rapist or whatever, you just know this is a guy who’s traveled a lot of miles around the country, and God knows how many more victims he's had.

Ohio authorities: Trucker held in 4 slayings a serial killer
October 14, 2015

CLEVELAND — Prosecutors say a Cleveland truck driver indicted on multiple counts of aggravated murder in the slayings of four people is a serial killer.

Robert Rembert was indicted Tuesday. Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County prosecutors say Rembert was arrested Sept. 21 at a truck stop and has been held on a $1 million bond.

Prosecutors say DNA evidence matched Rembert to the rape and strangulation deaths of Rena Mae Payne in May 1997 and Kimberly Hall this June.

Rembert also is charged with fatally shooting Morgan Nietzel and his cousin Jerry Rembert in their heads at a Cleveland home Sept. 20.

Prosecutors say Rembert served six years in prison after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter for killing Dadren Lewis in December 1997.

Rembert can't be reached for comment while in custody. It's unclear if he has an attorney.


Anonymous said...

"voluntary manslaughter for killing Dadren Lewis in December 1997."

Blacks always get at least one freebie.

Nicholas said...

It's a double freebie: One for the black perp, who literally gets away with murder; and one for the chief of police, because man is typically not tallied as a murder, even though it almost always is these days.

David In TN said...

I've pointed out before that most (nearly all, in fact) of the serial killers surfacing (being caught) in the last dozen years or so have been black. And they invariably were killing for decades. It goes against what our friend Countenance has called the "quasi-official" doctrine that "there are no black serial killers."

The profession of long haul trucker is a good cover for a serial killer. He can murder someone and be hundreds of miles away the next day.

It's another illustration of how DNA has changed things in identifying rapists and murderers.

Nicholas said...


DNA science won't help for long. The authorities routinely hire incompetents via AA, and I expect forensic scientists to give false results (if they aren't already), in order to aid and abet colored criminals. AA hire Joyce Gilchrist ("Black Magic") went the other way, and railroaded crooks (some, I would imagine colored) by deliberately misrepresenting DNA results.