Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Criminalization of All White Resistance to Genocide (My New VDARE Report is Up!)


Jim Snow U.

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

The problem is that too many urban whites are convinced that being prey is just normal in a Democrat controlled city, what with every shooting by a Black swept under the rug by the cosmopolitans in the news media as your proverbial "gun violence" and thus, the appropriate panacea in MORE "gun control."

We need to start taking back the language and refer to these shootings as "Felonious Black Gunfire."

And we need to start appealing to whites directly. So having speech inside your own property is a jailable offense? F-them. Recall that in public, you have the right to call for the killing of leaders, as long as you know that nobody is going to act on that at that moment. True fact and reached the SCOTUS. So some wigger prosecutes whitey for exactly the same type of speech on your own property? Whitey needs to get the notion of JUDICIAL NULLIFICATION percolating against the cosmopolitans in their judiciary.

Anonymous said...

These persecutions of Whites by the courts and various and sundry so-called authorities is not a secret. The left wing and corrupted media carries explicit accounts of these persecutions of Whites, and very few people raise even a squeak much less a protest, and perish the thought of a White riot. Where do we go from here? Maybe we should look to history for answers.

Nicholas said...

Anon I,

When you frame things more honestly as black violence, things look different. Then you need calls for black control, in order to balance the equation.

Nicholas said...

Anon II,

"Where do we go from here?"

Obeying the law is clearly a waste of time. When you pass laws via the state or federal legislature, they violate them, or their judges nullify them. When blacks commit crimes, they are either ignored, or get virtually no punishment, thanks to police and criminal justice affirmative action. Meanwhile, whites get arrested and prosecuted, even when they haven't committed any crimes.

One option is for whites to go on a tax strike. Other options involve violence. Sabotage must also be on the table, e.g., hacking the MSM, and shutting it down.

Anonymous said...

Fifteen people in Georgia have been indicted for flying the Confederate battle flag on their vehicles while driving by some black residences.