Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Texas Justice? A Man Who Killed a Dallas Cop 14 Years Ago is Scheduled to Die for the Crime Wednesday


Christopher Kevin James and wife Lori

By A Texas Reader

I remember the case well.

The perp is a wetback, not a “laborer.”


Mug shot of cop-killer, Licho Escamillalicho

Three white, Dallas cops have been murdered at the hands of Mexicans.

[Screw] you, George Bush.

At the Dallas Morning News.


Kevin Christopher James


Anonymous said...

Black guys like this are dismissed as Uncle Toms by the black community but truth is, he makes some sense. Jerry pdx :

Anonymous said...

The Mexican [illegal alien?] was already wanted in another murder and didn't so much as shoot and kill the cop as execute the officer as he lay wounded on the ground. This execution is very well deserved. And it is done in only fourteen years too. Almost record time.