Sunday, October 11, 2015

New TV Show About the Knoxville Horror by Little Black Cable Channel Does a Better Job of Covering the Racist Atrocity than Big Media!


War crime victims Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

[See also, at WEJB/NSU:

“New TV Program About the Knoxville Horror.”]

By David in TN

I just watched the recording of the program on my DVR. People interviewed included prosecutor Leland Price, Jamie Satterfield, a novelist named Kalisha Buckhanon, and Jeffrey Gardere, who is a media talking head. Gardere was on In Session when they showed the Cobbins trial in late 2009.

The TV One show "For My Man" is an hour long with two stories 30 minutes each. Coleman is depicted as a nice middle class girl who falls for "bad boy" Letalvis Cobbins and was unaware of what she was getting into. Supposedly, Coleman didn't know about Chris. They infer he was kept in the trunk while Channon was brought into house, and was taken to the railroad tracks, tortured and killed there, while Vanessa was left alone with Channon.

Vanessa "went along by standing by her man" is the theme of the show. That Vanessa Coleman's family "stands by her and proclaims her innocence" is flashed on the screen at the end.

Overall, not a bad program, except for letting Coleman off (she had several chances to free Channon) too easy. Still, TV One deserves credit for doing a show on the crime. ABC 20/20, NBC Dateline, and CBS 48 Hours have not.


War criminal Vanessa Coleman at her sentencing hearing after her first conviction, on May 13, 2010

The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Two additional black rapist-killers were identified by DNA through semen they had left in Channon Christian's panties, but have yet to be named.

Articles by Nicholas Stix specifically on war criminal Vanessa Coleman:

“Vanessa Coleman Sentenced to 53 Years in Prison for Facilitating the Knoxville Horror Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders (Revised and Expanded)”; and

“In Knoxville Horror Retrial, Vanessa Coleman Gets 35-Year Sentence.”

Selected reports by Nicholas Stix on the Knoxville Horror in general:

“The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up” (first national report published anywhere, for American Renaissance);

“The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Media Blackout” (biggest national report, also for American Renaissance);

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Articles by Nicholas Stix on two other Knoxville Horror Trials:

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“The Knoxville Horror (Yet Again): George Thomas Conviction Shows Justice Expensive, Agonizing, Grudging in Multicultural America.”


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of this case until reading about it here.Certainly Lester Holt would never carry a story like this on the Negro Broadcasting Center(NBC).I love it when they bring Al Roker on for weather...then change it up with Miguel Almaguer and another mex.Any white guys at NBC anymore?Katy Tur is the token white I guess.Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Look at the mug shots of those beasts!!

Vanessa cooked a hearty breakfast for the perpetrators [which they readily consumed with relish]. An indication of a depraved mentality and quite often a contributing factor when a jury decides to go with the death penalty.