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Breaking News Alert: Black, Off-Duty Memphis Police Officer, 31, in Uniform Shot to Pieces and Killed This Afternoon, While Leaving for Work; He Had Just Completed His Rookie Year


Murdered Memphis PD Officer Terence Olridge

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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Thanks to reader-researcher A Texas Reader for this story.

Black Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong is quoted as saying of the late black Officer Terence Olridge, "He has a fiancé that is four months pregnant right now.”

Translation: Officer Olridge’s girlfriend was four months pregnant. There is apparently an unwritten rule in newsrooms and among public officials to present all black men as being on the verge of marrying their girlfriends, when in reality, fewer than 30% do.

Note that although WMC clearly knows the identity of the suspect in custody, it refused to name or show photos of him. I’m seeing more and more of this.


Family members of Officer Olridge outside the hospital, as doctors worked in vain to save him

What do you know when the media refuses to ID a violent crime suspect? As koala says, When they won’t tell you, they’re telling you.

The victim apparently did not live in a black neighborhood. While most police personnel at the crime scene were black, the neighbors shown in the news video were white. Based on the story below, I originally wrote in my headline, “allegedly by neighbor,” but removed that clause, after seeing the news video, reading other accounts of the murder, and determining that the neighborhood did not appear to be black. A black man could certainly be capable of shooting his black cop neighbor to pieces; this sort of thing does not happen in predominantly white or white-and-Asian neighborhoods.

Police are now surely looking into people Officer Olridge had arrested, and old enemies from his pre-policing days.

Memphis Police Officer shot and killed in cordova
October 11, 2015 2:31 P.M. EST
Updated: October 11, 2015 6:05 P.M. EST
By Staff
October 11, 2015


A Memphis police officer has died after he was shot in Cordova Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened in the 2600 block of Longshadow Lane.

Police said the call came in just before 1 p.m.

Police Director Toney Armstrong identified the officer as 31-year-old Terence Olridge.

Police said Officer Olridge was shot multiple times while off duty. He was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition, but later died.

Dir. Armstrong stated that a suspect is in custody.

"The details right now are very sketchy,” Armstrong said.

Officer Olridge has been with the Memphis police department since September 2014.

"He has a fiancé that is four months pregnant right now,” Armstrong said. “His mother is here; his entire family is here. His entire shift is here."

Armstrong said the investigation was just beginning and they have more questions than answers.

"It just doesn't get any easier," said Armstrong. "I didn't think we would be here again so soon."

"Pray for him his family and the department and the city,” said Mayor A C Wharton.

Neighbors on Longshadow said they heard at least 15 gun shots.

The sister of the suspect said her brother said someone pulled a gun on him earlier in the day. She said her brother was washing his car and got into an argument with Olridge.

[The foregoing passage had led me to believe that the killer was Officer Olridge’s neighbor, but I no longer assume that.].

Neighbors said Olridge lived in the neighborhood, but it is unclear if he did.

[So where had he slept last night; from whose home was he leaving for work?]

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