Sunday, October 04, 2015

I Heard a Rumor that There was a Comedian Named Margaret Cho; Apparently, There are at Least Two Females by that Name

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Update re Jacob Mercer story: I was watching KOIN TV news and the first story was about the shooting, it then listed some of the things Mercer said in his "manifesto", one of which was "His hatred of black men". He's 1/2 black himself, his mother is black but the news report did not mention that. You'd think they'd be quick to point out the bizarre contradiction of a 1/2 black man hating other black men. I kid you not - nothing was said about that at all, instead the report quickly shifted to interviewing his (white) father (still no mention of the black mother) who was being questioned by a black reporter. I did a quick search for any reference to his bias toward (other) black men and found this:
It was on and like the news report I watched - NO mention of Mercer's black heritage. It's surreal but it's happening, the media may well get away with completely covering up his racial heritage and pinning this shooting on the "white man".
However, even if the media somehow gets forced to acknowledge this guy isn't the "white man" it's trying to make him, I don't doubt liberal shrinks will be trotted out to say self hating psychosis was caused by a white racism so it's whitey's fault anyways. Jerry pdx