Sunday, June 07, 2015

Will Computers Crush Entire Career Categories?

By Nicholas Stix

The knee-jerk response from economists to every form of job elimination in recent years—e.g., via immigration—has been to claim, ‘If low-level jobs are eliminated, the development will issue in better-paying jobs being created.’ Every time economists have made that assertion, they have eventually been proved to have been lying. With rare exceptions like George Borjas, almost the entire field is now as corrupt as the MSM and the antiversity in general.



David In TN said...

These economists and Randian Supermen like Lew Rockwell think the market is the answer to every question. Rockwell thinks the police should be replaced by "Private Protective Services at Market Prices."

According to Rockwell, this solves all problems.

Nicholas said...

And isn't he always triangulating, and changing his positions, whichever way the wind blows?

David In TN said...

Back 20-25 years ago. Lew Rockwell espoused a kind of race realism, on crime in particular. It's funny how the Randian Superman claimed to have no knowledge of what appeared in a newsletter he supposedly edited.

Fred Reed is on the masthead but his articles on race and crime (at Reed's Blog) aren't published there.

William Anderson, who has been for many years a prominent libertarian writer, once wrote that Rockwell was at first reluctant to publish his pieces attacking the Duke Rape Hoax. But it was so obvious he went with it.

Anderson also wrote a piece on the Christian-Newsom case years ago, which I sent you. It appeared at an obscure site. Why didn't Rockwell publish it?

Anonymous said...

No jobs, no pensions, how bad can it get?

Anonymous said...

Most of these economists are probably closet Marxists. "I don't believe in communism BUT!!"

Anonymous said...

Those private security concerns are called "White Companies". Mercenaries as hired by the Italian city-states during the early Renaissance period to fight their war. NOT having a racial connotation. Or does it?