Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charleston: Obama Exploits Church Massacre to Press for Gun Control

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat and Nicholas Stix

Like Paul Craig Roberts said after Sandy Hook: There is an agenda.

N.S.: Was that good Paul Craig Roberts or bad Paul Craig Roberts?

In a related vein, immediately after Sandy Hook, the police announced that they’d found a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in Adam Lanza’s car trunk, and that all of the murders had been committed with pistols. A couple of days later, the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver announced that all of the murders had been committed with the Bushmaster, which just so happened to be a weapon “Obama” was obsessed with banning.

The lefties at, the Mikkelsons, provided a cover story for Carver, which would have satisfied me, if I bought into the Mikkelsons’ hoax-buster mystique.



Anonymous said...

A side story the the Rachel Dolezal race hoax. Calling her hypocritical is pretty redundant but this ratchets it up a notch and gives an insight to the depth of her delusion. Jerry PDX:

Anonymous said...

So, will the Feds bulldoze the "historic" black church once their investigation into the hate (sic) crime is done?

After all they bulldozed Lanza's mother's house plus the Sandy hook school.